In this situation, a woman and her husband were slandered by James Trimm and his Beit Din. No evidence was ever provided to establish their claims against the couple. They have recently requested that I remove their names for protection from his continued slander and the lies that were written. It is not my normal policy to edit, in fact I habitually show the whole post, email or document as it is, to prove the truth. Since this couple has continued to be hurt by James Trimm's slander, I have agreed to change their names, as of July 2004, for their protection, to Mr. and Mrs. H. in brackets [ ]. When James Trimm and Michael Detwiler first made the accusations, they said they had proof and offered it. I accepted their offer, but no proof was ever forthcoming. Since the false statements of these men continue to grieve this couple, I am also using astericks *** where the slander had originally occurred.


Initial Situation

This page includes the situation at the Nazarene forum when I first found it. It also includes all my first posts, first e-mails to the Beit Din members, the e-mail from James admitting to be Rabbi Yosef and posting as various names at other forums, which was his original e-mail. The evidence page, dealing with the content of Rabbi Yosef posts, as well as the page of evidence from Steve Cohens posts are here as well. All information that was previously on the main page, from the introduction of the naz. forum to the Revised Letter section, is intact and unchanged in this section

 Revised Letter and Second Slander - anti-semitism

This page continues from the Initial Situation. It includes the Revised letter that James Trimm stated was an exact copy. This page also includes the forum posts from EliYahs,  my letter to Chris Lingle, my final letter to the Beit Din, asking for an investigation (this was before I asked them a later question and got 3 responses).

Contradiction e-mail and my rebuttal

 James Trimm sent out an e-mail, stating that I had contradicted myself. First claiming not to know him and then later that I did. I did not contradict myself, James could not tell the difference between my saying that I did not know Rabbi Yosef, and himself.

Later that evening, I received an e-mail from James mentioning reconciliation. In it he states, "You are spoiling your good name with your Lashon Hara.  Even if your claims were true they would still be Lashon Hara." Not once does he apologize for his slander and lies. Here is my reply.I have not heard back from him, nor has  a posted apology and retraction gone out to his forums and lists.
You cannot have shalom without righteousness.

Reply to James Trimm about reconciliation


Six Steps

This page includes all the informaion that was previously listed under the heading, "Six Steps." Included are my question to the Beit Din about their forcing James Trimm to post 6 Steps, the replies from Steve Heiliczer, Luana Fabry and Michael Detwiler. Also included are the continued communications with Michael Detwiler over this issue.

 False Apology

This page continues where the above page ends. It includes the false apology by James Trimm and all the ensuing e-mail communication between myself and Michael Detwiler and my e-mail to the Beit Din.

 Seeking Reconciliation

This page contiues from False Apology Page. It includes James Trimms letter, asking to open a dialogue and work toward reconciliation. It includes his e-mails about Dan Chaputs book, my e-mails refuting his anti-semitic charges, My statements from EliYah's condensed to one page, the final letter to James Trimm, the Beit DIn and Michael Detwiler.


The following links, are to pages that deal with whole subjects, that spanned various times. They are not necessarily chronological.

Beit Din Page

This page involves who is a member of the SANJ Beit Din and how they have dealt with the matters involving James Trimm, as the "Nasi" of this Beit Din. Since the Beit Din set certain requirements for voting members, this called into question, who was actually Jewish, on the Beit Din. The facts of James Trimm not being born or raised Jewish are on this page, as it relates to the Beit Din.

Kuhlmeyers False Exoneration