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The original SANJ Beit Din Members and Friends of the Court, that I appealed to, included Michael Detwiler (Michael ben Avraham) , Steve (YeshaYahu) Heiliczer, Eric Sandquist, Cecil (Yaakov) Hartly, and Friends of the Court, Mikha'el Calpino and Luana Fabry. Since my initial e-mails and my subsequent investigation, Cecil Hartly and Mikha'el Calpino have resigned, and Luana Fabry was made a voting Beit Din member. Michael Detwiler informed me that he also has resigned (this was in the fall), but when I wrote to the SANJ Beit Din members for confirmation, no one replied. Though I have not been able to confirm that, Michael Detwilers name was removed from the Beit Din page and his assembly affiliates were removed from the assembly directory. Someone did report that a Beit Din member stated that it was only temporary.

On 1/11/01, I became aware that the SANJ Beit Din was dropped and reorganized into the International Netzarim Beit Din, with its own url at James Trimm was no longer listed as the Nasi, but as a member. Steve Heiliczer was listed as the Nasi. On the International Netzarim Beit Din, there was no Friends of the Court, therefore Lew White was no longer listed. Luana Fabry and Eric Sandquist remained as members. Luana listed the reason for James being just a member, so that he could get more work done.

 Luana's More Work Statement

 Steve's Explation of Changes

Since Steve was now listed as Nasi, I wrote to him and petitioned for justice. I made an effort, just in case, but it was not a surprise that Steve did not even answer.

 Email to Steve Heiliczer as Nasi

Then a schism deveoloped. Stephen Silver noticed that the Statement of Beliefs was different at the site listed under the leadership of Steve Heiliczer. He addressed that the new statement of beliefs did not include the virgin birth and that the NT canon was not accepted as being equal to the Tanak, but considered equal with oral commentary. This began a huge dispute, which ended up in the International Beit Din, splitting apart. Steve Heiliczer and Luana Fabry have retained the International Netzarim Beit Din at James Trimm put his Beit Din back up at his site, minus Steve and Luana.

At this point, I dont see the least bit of justice from any of the people involved and it does not surprise me that I see any of this happening.


In an email from Yahkov Hartley, "I resigned from the SANJ Beit Din effective 7-9-00." Yahkov Hartley is no longer a member of the Beit Din, therefore he is not responsible in this matter concerning James Trimm, or the accountability of the Beit Din to deal with one of their own members. Please do not view him as having a part in the following situations.

9/2000  Mika'el Calpino resigned from the Beit Din's Friend of the Court.


I have written to Michael Detwiler, asking what the qualifications for a voting Beit Din member are. He
did not answer. As I understand it, you have to be Jewish by birth or have legally converted to Judaism.

If that is the case, then the ruling against the H's is invalid, as they had members that do not meet this

qualification, especially their "Nasi" James Trimm. I am seeking into this matter as well. It is not righteous to claim titles that do not belong, nor birth ethnicites or conversions, that are not true. I find it a sad testimony to this Beit Din, that other Messianics refer to this Beit Din as a mamzer Beit Din, which means bastard (illegitimate) Beit Din.

 8-9-2000, I sent an e-mail to the Beit Din members that were involved in the ruling against the H's, at the beginning of the year, and involved with the decisions of conversion and who qualified as a voting member in the Fall of 1999.
My e-mail to the Beit Din voting members

Steve Heiliczer answered.
Steve Heiliczers reply about voting members

So I wrote back and thanked him for replying and so quickly. Next I wrote and asked the Beit Din about how they defined a Jew.
My e-mail to the Beit Din - who is a Jew?

Questions about being Jewish

Michael Detwiler did not reply, nor did any of the other Beit Din members. I am curious about several things. Why did Michael not answer about how the Beit Din defines who a Jew is? Could it be that several of them do not meet their own requirements? This is what I have been looking into and getting evidence of. Another question I have, is about accountability. Who are these men accountable before, besides YHWH? They dont seem to be accountable to their members or supporters. I have gotten e-mails from these people stating that they have asked questions of the Beit Din and they have not gotten answers.

I have some more questions. If they believe that a Jew is one by birth or one by conversion, this is what needs to be provided by them, as proof:

They would need to have proof that their mother and/or  father is Jewish. If only one parent is Jewish, depending on whether they abide by Rabbinic halachah of the mothers side, or the Tanak example of the fathers side, they need proof of that parent. They could provide it by their or their parents Rabbi, records of the Brit Milah for the males, a kethubah, assembly attendance records, statements from a Mohel or the sandek, or the minyan if there was one, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, etc.

If they were not raised Jewish and the circumcision was one of a hospital, not a covenant, then these men need to provide proof of the Beriyth HaDam, which they require.

If they were not born Jewish, then they need to provide proof of the Beriyth HaDam or HaTafat Dam Brit and the conversion, as they state on their conversion halachah. As I gather all this evidence, I will post it here.


Legal Action

So I forwarded  Michael Detwiler's email to the other Beit Din members, asking him who was taking legal action.
My question about legal action

I received an e-mail from Michael Detwiler threatening legal action. He dropped all the carbons to the other Beit Din members.
Michael Detwilers legal action letter

Since James Trimm posted on a forum about not being able to answer questions begal of legal action, I sent this e-mail to the Beit Din members.
My letter to Beit Din members about legal action

Here are the two responses from James.
James Trimm legal letter 1

James Trimm legal letter 2

Since James Trimm said that he was only speaking with an attorney, I wrote Michael Detwiler and the other Beit Din members about my original question as to what they consider a Jew for voting members.
Again, Who is a Jew?

Michael Detwilers reply
No answer from Michael Detwiler, who is a Jew?

Michael Detwiler makes several comments which are not true.
First: I am not committing lashon hara. In a statement I made to Steve Heiliczer (e-mails in Six Steps, on main page), "I have made several calls today, to various Rabbis of Orthodox Shuls. I also called the Rabbinical Assembly in New York. The statements of all, concerning this situation are this: It is not lashon hara to defend one unjustly accused. It is not lashon hara to state the truth in your own defense. It is not lashon hara to reveal the truth of a situation, that is currently on going. In fact, they stated that it is a responsibility to prove the truth and to stop the perpetuating of fraud, deception and lies."

Second: I am not motivated by anger. I am motivated by seeking the truth and righteousness. Something I dont know if these men understand.

Third: I can be satisfied. I stated what was owed to me and others, a complete, public apology and total retraction of the lies and slander spoken against me, and against the [H's] , and a dropping of an unjust ruling against the [H's] . I have yet to receive a real apology and the false one that James sent out before, I have proved was not an apology for lying and saying I was an anti-semite, but what he termed committing lashon hara, and thereby stating that is was true. That was no apology.

Fourth: I have not taken comments out of context. In fact, I have posted whole posts and  e-mails for people to see for themselves.

Fifth: this website is not a lashon hara mill, but rather the only way to deal with this much evidence of lies and slander. I am not putting anything false on here, except to quote what others have falsely said, and refute it.

And finally, I am not attacking, but seriously pursuing the truth and the more I have investigated the statements made by these men, the more that has been brought to light. That is not attacking, but rather zealously defending the truth.

Michael Detwiler still did not answer the question of who they determine to be a Jew for voting members. He asks, " and if I were not? What's the point?" The point is that they have set certain standards for their members. If any of the members are not what they claim to be, not only does that invalidate the rulings of these members, because they are not legitimate, but it more importantly speaks to a mans character, concerning truth and righteousness. Not only would they be a fraud in this matter, but a liar if they stated they were Jewish and were not. Not only a liar to the Beit Din, but to all the people that believed they were. That is why it matters.

To claim to be Jewish and you are not is horrible. To claim to have titles, such as Rabbi, which is an earned title from a Yeshiva, and not have it, is fraud. To claim to have doctorates that you dont have, is fraud. How can a man lead others in righteousness if he can't walk righteously himself?

Have I missed something? Did the rules change and speaking truth was no longer required by YHWH? Is being honest and righteous in how you live and act, no longer important to YHWH? Can you now deceive a person about who and what you are and YHWH will now show the deceiver His favor and bless them? Can you continue in unrepentance and be acceptable in the eyes of YHWH?  Far as I have been able to tell, the mistwoth of YHWH are OLAM [eternal] and the rules have not changed.

Michael Detwilers letter of apology

James Trimm Not Born and Raised Jewish