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 James Trimm's next effort

 My Reply to James Trimm offer of dialogue

 James Trimms next reply to dialogue

James then proceeds to send me what he wrote last year about Dan Chaput's book, Christianity Unmasqued. This was not dialogue, but his carrying on about that book, which I never supported.

 James Trimms idea of dialogue

 My reply to James Trimms article

 James Trimm Part 2

Since I can see that he is taking parts of quotes from EliYah's forum to make a basis for his anti-semitic claim, I took all of my posts on those subjects and pasted them all out for him to see, with my comments in blue.

 My Statements

To this James replies

 James Trimm's reply to my statements

He sent me that same thing again. It was as if he did not read my posts the first time last year, nor again this year, nor when I put them all in one place to make it easier for him to see, that I at no time supported that book, or said the things that he said I did. That was when I realized, he is not having a dialogue, he is not reading what I sent, he is determined to stand by his statement that I am an anti-semite.

 My reply to James Trimms insistence

I then sent a letter to the Beit Din members on the status of these dialogues, which included a forward of my statements, stating that I would not continue in any further discussions with him, due to his insistence that I was an anti-semite and his apparent not reading of my statements or ignoring them.

 My status letter to the Beit Din

 James Trimms reply to my ending dialogue

I then sent Michael Detwiler a quote from James Trimm's last letter, stating, "Well I have already repented of Lashon Hara and apologized for Lashon Hara. However as it stands I am as you yourself said "convinced" of my theory therfore any retraction would itself be a lie.  I cannot say "she is not" or "I do
not believe she is" nor can I state that I lied when I said it.  I certainly am not obligated to BELIEVE that you are not an anti-semite when the evidence as I understand it points me in that direction.  However I am very repentant for having said it publicly."  I had told Michael before, that James sent that apology, fully believeing I was an anti-semite and Michael said that it was a true apology. James Trimm's own words confirmed how I read the first false apology, that it was reinforcing that I was an anti-semite.

 My letter to Michael Detwiler about false apology

That was the last of that communication. At that point, I heard that James Trimm was going to post an article on anti-semitism and my inquiries to James Trimms doctorate came in. Then I made my mailing to the Beyth titled "Plea to the assembly update".