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Greg Gnauman, is an LDS Mormon, that believed (at the time of this investigation) that the Book of Mormon is an ancient Jewish writing, as taught by James Trimm. When I exposed that James Trimm was Rabbi Yosef and what he taught about the BoM, James posted to his Nazarene forum 6 Steps, which states the 6 steps to weaning a Mormon off the BoM. James explained to Greg, that the Beit Din made hi post that. I did not believe this to be true, but another means of playing both sides of the fence. So I wrote to the Beit Din and asked them if they told James to post 6 steps, in order to prove to Greg that James had lied to him.

 6 Steps Letter to the Beit Din

In all my other e-mails to the Beit Din, not once did any of them reply to me. This time I get 3 repsonses.

Steve Heiliczer
 Steve Heiliczer's reply to 6 steps

 My Reply to Steve Heiliczer

 Steve Heiliczer's next reply
Please note that Steve Heiliczer says that all these real orthodox rabbis and the Rabbinical Assembly in New York, are wrong about lashon hara.

 My Last reply to Steve Heiliczer

 Steve Heiliczer's last reply

This concluded the communication with Steve Heiliczer. Luana Fabry, a Friend of the Court at the time, also replied to my question.

Luana Fabry
 First reply from Luana Fabry

 My Reply to Luana Fabry

The final Beit Din member to reply was Michael Detwiler.

Michael Detwiler
 Michael Detwiler's reply to 6 steps

 My first reply to Michael Detwiler 6 steps

 Michael Detwilers 2nd reply

 My 2nd reply to Michael Detwiler

 Michael Detwilers 3rd reply

 Michael Detwilers 4th reply

 My 3rd Reply to Michael Detwiler

 My Questions

 Michael Detwilers 5th Reply

 My 4th reply to Michael Detwiler

 My 5th Reply to Michael Detwiler

Several days go by and Michael Detwiler does not respond. Then I get an e-mail from James Trimm. This starts a whole new flood of e-mails, which.