The purpose of this page is to expose the truth about James Trimm (also known as James S. Trimm, James Scott Trimm, falsely called Dr. James Trimm, Dr. James S. Trimm and Dr. James Scott Trimm. I say falsely because he does not have any degree.), President of SANJ, the Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism, and also the “Nasi” of the Nazarene Beit Din. He was originally investigated as a result of his slander against another woman, in the early summer of 2000; all of which is documented under the Chronology of Initial Events section. As a result of important information that was brought to light, it was obvious that slander was not the only unrighteous act of James Trimm. James Trimm was also guilty of lying, deceiving, theft, plagiarism, false teaching, division,... I could not, in good conscience, not say anything and let this unrighteousness go unchecked, even if it meant that I became another target of his slander. James Trimm's reaction was indeed to attack, instead of repent. He has increased his unrighteousness by publishing the Hebraic Roots Version NT, listing James S.Trimm as translator. Yet this Hebraic Roots Bible - HRV is not a translation, but a plagiarism with his agenda added.


James Trimm was given numerous opportunities to turn and return, instead he has chosen the path of Faraoh and repeatedly hardened his heart. To make matters worse, James Trimm has set himself up as a teacher and further spread his unrighteousness, even making himself out to be a prophet of this sect that he has created, now claiming himself and his followers to be the 144,000 mentioned in Revelations. In my opinion, it is no longer a self made sect, but has now become a cult, which I had long suspected was the path he had taken. The man is not only a danger to those he attacks, but to the larger audience of the net and those that he infects, which is the reason for this section of my site.

Thank you, Kathryn Kern,




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