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Subject: Re: private
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 01:31:00 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
To: James Trimm <>

Shalom b'YHWH
James,You did more than state that you were not entering into a lashon hara
contest, which by the way I am not having. You then sent an e-mail out saying,
"I will say that Katryn's material is simply not accurate."
Then you sent another today saying, "While I still have no intent of exchanging
Lashon Hara with Kathryn, did anyone else notice that in the first version of
this attack Kathryn claimed not to know me and that in the latest version she
has endeavered to explain away a "misunderstanding" she had with me a year ago?

James Trimm"

So no, you have not "simply stated" anything, but you continue to accuse me of
lying all the while saying that it is not lashon hara. What exactly were you
thinking when you sent todays email out? I did not lie then, I have not lied.
Yet you continue to slander and lie.

I am not spoiling my name. You did that by falsely calling me a hardcore
anti-semite, a liar, in league with anti-semites, a slanderer, etc. What I am
doing is stating the truth. I know that truth to you is lashon hara, when you
choose it to be, but the slander originated with you. First against [Mrs. H.] in the matter of Rabbi Yosef, and second, when I posted the evidence.
You have not taken responsibility for your lashon hara, true lashon hara. You
misuse that phrase and make the principle look bad by your hypocrisy.

If you will read, Michael Detwiler responded to the forum post, which I sent
out to the forum members.
Subject: Re: forum
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 07:11:25 -0600
From: Michael Detwiler <>
To: purnhrt <>

THe first e-mail that I sent to the Beit Din, did not include Michael ben
Avraham. THere was no address shown at the Beit Din listing. "I do not have an
e-mail address for Michael ben Avraham, so would someone, please forward this
to him. Thank you for your time. " I did not know that Michael Detwiler of the
forum and Michael ben Avraham, Av Beit Din, were the same person, until I got
the e-mail from Michael Detwiler, responding to the forum post, not as the Av.

Yes I got your e-mail, after Greg called or e-mailed you of what I was doing.
That was not reconciliation. YOu just did not want people to know the truth.
You have yet to fully apologize and make a retraction to your forum and your
lists. Without that, there can be no shalom.

First off, things are not worked out with the [H's]. There has been no
apology of the slander accusations you made, concerning Rabbi Yosef to the
forum and the lists. Nor has there been one for the other accusations that were
made, yet no proof was provided of those either. I have asked Rabbi Perry about
the meeting.

"I do not have anything against you personally.  Do you have something against
me?"  Just what do you call, all your lies and slander, if not personal?
Business? I believe so. I believe it was business to you, the business of
covering your butt. That was not an attempt at reconciliation. There are no
misunderstandings to clear up. You made yourself quite clear in what you
stated. And I have made myself quite clear in what is necessary for Shalom. I
want a full apology and a retraction of all accusations on the forum and on
your lists. And an apology, such as you gave Pete, will not be acceptable. I
will not tolerate your lies against my name. THere is no compromise, no
sweeping under the rug, no whitewashing this issue.

You have not once taken responsibility for your actions. You could have
apologized numerous times and behaved uprightly, yet you chose to increase the
slander and lies.

No, I do not wish to speak with you on a phone. I want proof of what you say,
so e-mail will have to be the source of communication. I do not trust you Mr.
Trimm. I do not trust your integrity or your sincerity.

THe choice is yours as to how to proceed. You can apologize, which is what you
should have done in the first place, or you can continue in your lies and
slander and reap the fallout from it, as people see the truth reveal your lies.
Shalom, Kathryn

James Trimm wrote:

> >>From: purnhrt <>
> >>To: Juanita Baldus <>
> >>Subject: Re: private
> >>Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 22:21:39 -0500
> >>
> >>Shalom b'YHWH
> >>Juanita Baldus, this was a matter of the forum where the first slanders
> >>occurred. I kept it among the forum that asked for the proof. It was
> >>private
> >>with the Beit Din. It became public when James took his list and emailed
> >>everyone that I was an anti-semite and a liar.
> No I emailed that initially only to the Beit-Din.  I did not e-mail it to
> "everyone".
> AFTER you collected email addresses of various list members I sent an email
> to them
> as well.  I have since resorted simply to an email stating that I will not
> enter into a competition of Lashon Hara with you.
> >> Perhaps the reputation of
> >>your name does not mean much, but mine does to me.
> You are spoiling your good name with your Lashon Hara.  Even if your claims
> were true they would still be Lashon Hara.
> >>I asked three times for
> >>the Beit Din to investigate this. They did not even answer me.
> I believe that the Av Beit Din responded.
> >> Finally I
> >>demanded an apology and a retraction by the 11th or I would take this to
> >>the
> >>Beyth YHWH for justice. They did not answer again.
> Hmmm.... I never got one of those.
> >> James has repeatedly
> >>sent
> >>to all the hundreds on his list, lies concerning me.
> No as a matter of fact I have not even mentioned you on the many lists
> which I moderate.
> I have only replied to the cc groups you emailed.
> Did you not get the email I sent Thursday offerring to attempt to work out
> a reconciliation?
> James Trimm
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YHWH bless you and guard you. YHWH make His face to shine upon you and show you
favor. YHWH lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.