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 James Trimms letter of false reconciliation

For those of you who dont know how to translate James Trimm's language, let me explain why this letter was a false apology. James Trimm posted on the forum about lashon hara, after my last mass mailing. This was the one where I had to make a rebuttal to his lies saying I had contradicted myself. At the forum he writes, "Many people make the mistake of thinking that the prohibition of lashon hara - negative  speech - is limited only to saying falsity and untruth. But this is not so. Lying falls under a separate prohibition, expressed in Exodus 20:13, 23:7.   Lashon hara is the prohibition against saying anything negative or derogatory about another person - even when it's true! Often, lashon hara will couch itself in a cloak of rationalizations. It doesn't even matter whether the words are spoken implicitly  or implied. If the message can be construed negatively, then it is a violation of lashon hara.  Be aware of potential lashon hara situations and stop them before they start."

This was a quote from the first e-mail James sent as a response to my first e-mail to the Beit Din. "They have also spread both lies and lashon hara.  (Lashon Hara is information that is true but which is
spread maliciously.)"

So according to James Trimm, lashon hara is true, but said with malice. Therefore, when he apologizes for lashon hara concerning me, he is not saying that I am not an anti-semite, but rather that I am and since he said it in anger, that made it lashon hara and that is what he is apologizing for. So with this in mind, I sent a reply to James and carbon copied it to the Beit Din.

 My reply to the false apology

James did not reply at all. You would think, that if I did misinterpret him, that he would have written back to clarify what he meant. But he didnt. That was another indicator that I was correct in how I read it. Instead of James writing back, Michael Detwiler does.

 Michael Detwilers response to false apology

 My Reply to Michael Detwiler about the false apology

The next thing I know, James has sent the same false apology to me again. And I am wondering why he would do that, when I realize what he is doing. I go to the forum, anticipating that he has put it up there and sure enough, it is. No corrections, the exact same one he sent to me. Then I get it again, when he sends it to the Beit Din. And I get it again when he sends it to all his lists. I knew exactly what was going on and what had been the intention in the first place. Write a crappy apology, then when I reject it, they can say that I am being difficult and not really wanting shalom. So I wrote Michael Detwiler and asked him if he counseled James to do this.

 Michael Detwilers answer about counsel

 My e-mail to the Beit Din about false apology

Michael Detwiler, again answers and not James.

 Michael Detwilers absurd suggestion

 My question of making it better?

 Michael Detwilers repeat suggestion

 My Reply to Michael Detwilers absurd question

 Michael Detwiler want blood

 My Reply no blood

 Michael Detwilers advice

Now James re-enters the picture. Either Michael Detwiler or the Beit Din is putting pressure on him make this right.

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