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The quote in question is in red. My response is after the forward.

Subject: Re: FW: plea to assembly of YHWH
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 01:59:29 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Trimm <>
To:  "Adam J. Bernay" <>

While I still have no intent of exchanging Lashon Hara with Kathryn,
did anyone else notice that in the first version of this attack Kathryn claimed
not to know me and that in the latest version she has endeavered to explain
away a "misunderstanding" she had with me a year ago?

James Trimm

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>From: purnhrt  []
>Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 3:53  PM
>Subject: plea to assembly of  YHWH
>Shalom b'YHWH
>This e-mail is being sent, to bring  before the assembly of YHWH, the
>slanderous accusations made by James Trimm, of  the Society for the
>Advancement of Nazarene Judaism, who is the  Nasi  of the  Nazarene Beit
>Din; to refute them and as a result,  to determine the  credibility of his
>words and the behavior of his actions. I have taken this  situation to the
>Beit Din, which he is a member of, and said he was accountable  to. The
>first time, to let them know of the initial evidence, the second time,  to
>let them know of his purging evidence from the net and his letter
>of  admittance and the final time, when he began slandering me, to
>discredit me as a  source of the evidence. I have given them every
>opportunity to act righteously  in this matter. They have not even
>responded to me. Since no apology or  retraction was made, I am bringing
>these matters to the Edah of YHWH, for  judgement.
>Since there is so much evidence involved, I had to create a website to
>house  it all and for easier access and referencing. The website is set up
>like a  timeline of events, with each piece of evidence linked to the
>chronology. I can  forward the originals of any piece of e-mail, for
>anyone requesting. I have  nothing to hide, so I am laying all this before
>the feet of the assembly for  their judgement in these matters.
>So what happens if we inadvertently hear lashon  hara? The Talmud
>says that we should not automatically accept it as being  true. Rather,
>the rule is "innocent until proven guilty."  There is a  famous story
>about the great Talmudic sage the Rashash (Rabbi Shmuel Shtrashun,  19th
>century Vilna) who had a fund to lend money to poor people. One day while
>the rabbi was studying Talmud; a man came in to repay his loan of 10,000
>rubles.  The rabbi was so engrossed in his learning that he
>stuck the money in the  book and forgot about it.  A week later, the
>rabbi was reviewing his  loan ledger and noticed that the 10,000 ruble
>loan was never paid. So he  called the man and asked him to pay it. "But
>I paid you back last week,"  said the man. "Okay, then where's your
>receipt," said the rabbi, who truly  had no recollection of being paid
>back. "You were studying and I didn't want  to disturb you," replied the
>man.  Soon enough word got out that the  poor man and the rabbi were
>involved in a financial dispute. "The nerve of  this man to pit his word
>against the rabbi!" they all said. The man's  reputation was ruined, and
> the community shunned him.  About a  year later, the rabbi was
>reviewing a section of Talmud and came across an  envelope containing
>10,000 rubles. Then he realized what had happened! He  immediately
>called the man and apologized. "But your apology doesn't help  me,"
>said the man, sadly. "My reputation is ruined forever!"  "Don't  worry,"
>said the rabbi. "I'll make a public announcement in the synagogue,
>letting everyone know that it was I who had made the mistake."  "But
> that won't help," said the man. "They'll think you're just saying it
>because you feel sorry for me."  The rabbi thought long and hard until
>he came up with a solution.   "You have a daughter and I have a  son,"
>he said. "Let's arrange for them to be married. In that way, everyone
>will be assured that you are fully trustworthy, for otherwise I would
>never have suggested this match." And with that, the harm was
>repaired.   But it's not always so easy...
>I know of no easier or shorter way to acquaint you with the situation than
>to  copy the post that I sent out to the 50 forum members, of the egroups
>nazarene  list, that originally saw the slander against [Mrs. H.].
>The final act of  James Trimm's was to send out a revised e-mail, claiming
>it to be the exact copy  of the original, slandering me, to discredit me
>as the source of the evidence  and further evidence that I had found. He
>makes numerous lies, which he cannot  substantiate and I have proof of my
>innocence. All of this is at the site.
>I can only mail 25 addresses per list, as my server allows. Please take
>that  into account, as there are hundreds of addresses. A further
>explation of the  mailing and who it has been mailed to, is at the end of
>the web site.
>Post that I sent to the forum members on 7-6-2000
>Shalom b'YHWH
>I have registered at this forum (nazarene) twice and was  accepted twice.
>Each time  I posted the following post, and each time it  was not posted.
>It is in response to some demands made at the forum asking for  proof.
>Here it is.
>I spent three days tracking down these e-mails. I do not have everyones
>e-mail address, no matter what I tried. Though this forum does not post
>the e-mails, I was able to obtain about a dozen from the posts
>themselves. Periodically when there are multiple quotes, the e-mail
>posts in entirety. Some were in the page sources from the earliest days,
>before they were not showing the origination e-mail. Some were easy,
>being the e-mails of ministries. Jacks I remember from a post at
>Eliyahs, mentioning he was a historian. Three I found at guestbooks >from
>sites linked from SANJ. Some were from other forums. Some I found from net
>searches, like Adam J. Bernay's. By the way, the links dont work on your
>site.  The rest, I spent a multitude of hours checking all the search
>engines and  domain sites and e-mail searches. A few I guessed at, if I
>couldnt find them  anywhere, @a...,,,
>, One was tricky. I found a full
>address of cord.edna, at the  forum, from a multiple quote, the server was
> Then in looking  up the first initial
>g and the last name of mcmullen, it  showed one and one
> You may get two. In  mailing this list, I had to break
>it up into two mailings. The point of all this  trouble is about the
>truth. As believers in YHWH, we are called to walk  uprightly before Him,
>to speak truth. It is one of the 10 mitswoth given to  Mosheh and cannot
>be gotten around, ignored or find any loopholes to bypass it.
>I dont know about y'all at this forum, but I value truth and honesty
>to  be matters of righteousness. I have been reading through these posts
>and I  have several questions.
>First, I'd like to know if anyone else has noticed that James Trimm
>did  not answer the question directly posed by [Mrs. H.],
>as to whether or  not he was Rabbi Yosef. I saw him sidestep, but not
>answer yes or no.
>On post 39774, titled for the record, on 7-1-2000, he states, "I do
>NOT  advocate Mormonism or the Book of Mormon." Yet he does not answer the
>question  of whether or not he is Rabbi Yosef, yet he claims to be setting
>the record  straight. I will get back to this in a minute.
>Next [Mrs. H.] pleaded for someone at the Nazarene Beit Din to
>look  at the evidence and if they determined that the BoM was not worth
>looking into,  then to clean their own house, since she is being
>accused of certain  opinions, yet Rabbi Yosef voices these opinions,
>and if James Trimm is Rabbi  Yosef, then he needs to be treated as
>such, if that is the halakah of the  Beit Din. If they accept Trimm/Yosef
>saying this, then they need to get off of [Mrs. H.] for the same views. I
>have not seen any response from the Beit Din here addressing this
>Now, to Adam Bernay, you wrote to [Mrs. H.] , when she posted a
>conversation  between Rabbi Yosef asking her husband to take over the
>forum and be Rabbi  Yosef, that "any noodnick with a computer" could
>write that, that it had no  routing information. I am glad that you
>are a little familiar with routing  information. You demanded, quite
>rudely I might add, that she "prove this  accusation or else *SHUT YOUR
>MOUTH*. You then went on to say that she "sounded  like an ignoramous that
>no one should listen to." That you "respected Dr. Trimm  for his
>scholarship and wisdom." I ask you Adam Bernay to think of this as you
>further read what I post.
>The problem with this situation is a matter of proof, is it not?I do

>not  know [Mrs. H.], nor do I know Rabbi Yosef. I have not even read
>the Book  of Mormon. But my curiosity began when I heard a plea from a
>woman begging for  an investigation to prove the truth. That to me sounded
>like something to look  into, so I did. Remember I said earlier, that I
>value truth and honesty as  righteousness. That is the
>reason that I spent hours pouring over this and  several other forums
>related here. Here, Adam Bernay and any other person  that wanted
>proof  is the proof.
>All e-mails have DNS numbers attached to them. You cant see them on
>your  received e-mails, unless you select view and set it for -show
>ALL headers.  Then you will be able to see the DNS numbers. A DNS number
>is a Domain Name  Server number. It consists of 4 groups of numbers
>separated by dots, for  example  123.456.78.90. Each one of you has one.
>If you send e-mails from  different locations, then you might
>have several. The point is, at each of  these posts, you have a view
>source tab. If you click on that, you will see  the page source for the
>post. In the case of this nazarene forum and any  other originating with
>, you will see, or is
>another nazarene number I found. The first two groups of  numbers are
>the important ones. The first group of numbers lists your master  name
>server, or root domain. That number is assigned by the Internet  Assigned
>Numbers Authority - IANA.  The second group lists the Primary  server and
>then the secondary server.  The two following groups are random,  as your
>server tries to locate the next closest, direct path in the destination.
>The last number is your host number. I can send myself 10 e-mails and the
>last  two goups of numbers will vary,  some of them repeating. All emails
>on this  forum are sent to and then get routed here. That is
>why you will  see the same number for every person. If a person sends an
>e-mail to a   mail account, such as hotmail, they list the hotmail numbers
>and then  list  the originating numbers. It is the first two groups of
>numbers  that  determine origin. This system works much like addressing an
>envelope for mail.  It is sent from the largest source, being your state,
>to the next largest, your  city, then your zip code, then your address and
>finally your name. A similar  principle applies with DNS numbers. If you
>have an address resolving program you  can search the strings.
>Ah, but doesnt control all the forums. That is where the
>evidence comes in. The following is a list of each forum I checked
>and  what I found between James Trimm, Rabbi Yosef ben Yehudah and  guess
>what, another name - Yosef Liahona. Now that one caught my eye  since  in
>doing a web search for Rabbi Yosef, I came across a Mormon web  site  that
>had a quote from an e-mail that he sent them. It was about the  semetics
>of the word- liahona. After reading that and finding the other forums,  I
>decided to check that name out too, when I saw it. He crops up, just as
>Rabbi  Yosef is leaving. Pay attention to the dates and go to view source
>to confirm  what I am writing.
>egroups -bom-messianic
>James Trimm
>Yosef benYehudah
>last time posted
>11-5-99   hotmail
>Yosef Liahona
>first time posted
>11-16-99   hotmail   209-185-241-42
>egroups  m-kabbalah
>James Trimm
>12-22-99    151-164-30-26
>Yosef benYehudah
>last time posted
>10-15-99   hotmail   209-185-241-173
>egroups bom-archaeology
>James Trimm
>Yosef benYehudah
>last time posted
>11-9-99  hotmail
>egroups chofjclist
>James Trimm
>12-4-99  151-164-30-25
>Yosef benYehudah
>10-26-99  hotmail
>origin   151-164-45-50
>Yosef Liahona
>12-4-99  hotmail
>So of the four forums that are not controlled by, and
>you  can view the origins, I have just now proven, which any noodnick
>with a  computer, a DNS program, and some time could have done. Rabbi
>Yosef ben Yehudah  disappears from these forums in 11-1999, at which point
>Yosef Liahona appears,  quoting from the same sources, which are the Book
>of Mormon. James Trimm is  Rabbi Yosef and Yosef Liahona up to the fall of
>1999. James Trimm goes through a  hotmail account to post for these two
>names. Now if he posts under other names,  I did not check. I was
>concerned more with the focus of Rabbi Yosef.
>Now, these proofs have been presented. [Mrs. H.] is not a liar,
>she  did not slander. James Trimm avoided answering but by sidestepping
>and saying  that he does not advocate the BoM or Mormonism, yet he has
>written, advocated  them as Rabbi Yosef and Yosef Liahon.
>I believe an apology is due [Mrs. H.] , especially from James
>Trimm,  the Beit Din, and  Adam Bernay. And if this is not enough
>evidence, I  am compiling more, not from the forum.
>I tried to post this post on 7-1-2000, and it was not allowed to go
>through. I have since then sent it and the printed out pages that I
>sited here, to the members of the Beit Din and the Friends of the Court,
>on 7-3-2000, since they were trying [Mrs. H.] and her husband, in this
>matter. The next morning, 7-4-2000, I received an e-mail from James
>Trimm admitting that he was Rabbi Yosef and participated at numerous
>forums,  including Mormon, Branch Davidian and Muslim, under various
>names. Also, the  egroup lists of bom-messianic, bom-archaeology,
>jewishbom and m-kabbalah, which  were started by James Trimm as Rabbi
>Yosef, have had their archives deleted. The  only one that James Trimm
>could not delete was egroup chofjclist, since he does  not own or moderate
>it. If you would like a copy of the pages sited above,   showing the view
>source and the DNS numbers, as well as the forward of James  Trimm s
>letter to me, then e-mail me and I will send it. You deserve to know the
>truth. Shalom, Kathryn
>Since this letter was sent out, I have found another name, Steve Cohen,
>that  he went by, on the nazarene forum, advocating the Book of Mormon.
>All the  Evidence and the posts of Rabbi Yosef and Steve Cohen are at the
>website. THis  is not about Mormonism or the Book of Mormon. I have never
>read the Book of  Mormon and cannot make a statement whether it is an
>ancient Jewish writing or  not. My focus right now, is on the slander,
>lies and duplicity that James Trimm  has committed.
>While using these names,  James Trimm advocated the Book of
>Mormon,  the validity of it, the inspiration of it from the "Lord", that
>there is a  growing together of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, that the
>Book of Mormon is  a restoration of the Covenant, the renewed covenant,
>was written by descendants  of Jews and consists of Jewish learning, and
>that the purpose of the Book of  Mormon is for the convincing of Jew and
>Gentile that Yeshua is the Messiah, and  that Mormons are Ephraim. As
>Rabbi Yosef, James was translating the Jewish Book  of Mormon for the Jews
>to read and not be offended by the gentile terms in it.
>But as James Trimm, speaking to the Messianic community, he denies
>advocating  the Book of Mormon, tells people that believe they are of the
>Lost Tribes, that  they are Ephraim and that the "New Testament" or
>"Berith Chadashah" is the  renewed covenant, and translated a Hebraic
>Roots Version "New Testament."
>I dont care if James Trimm wants to believe in the Book of Mormon, as a
>Jewish document. What I care about, is his denying it and slandering a
>woman who  stated he was Rabbi Yosef and under that name, does advocate
>it. What I care  about is when evidence was provided, instead of taking
>responsibility and  apologizing, he purges forums with the evidence and
>then tries to explain his  purpose at these forums as research. What I
>care about, is his attack on my  name, slandering me, accusing me of being
>an anti-semite, to discredit me and  the evidence. What I care about is
>the fact a man can make horrible, slanderous  accusations and not once
>apply his law of lashon hara to himself, but when  someone posts the
>truth, for the purposes of defense, he states lies and yells  lashon hara.
>His behavior is not righteous, especially for one in a position of
>leadership. I appeal to the Beyth YHWH. Many of you are leaders of
>congregations, ministries and websites, involved in conferences and such.
>Please  investigate this matter and do not sweep it under the rug.
>Please treat this  as if it were your name being slandered. Kathryn
>YHWH bless you and guard you. YHWH make His face to shine upon you and
>show you favor. YHWH lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.

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Here is the response that I sent out immediately.

"Shalom b'YHWH
For those of you who received this message, I hope you can read better
than James Trimm. I never said that I did not know James Trimm. I said
that I did not know Rabbi Yosef. Maybe his ability to read is not the
question, but that he so identifies as Rabbi Yosef, that he cant
distinguish between James Trimm and Rabbi Yosef, when it is written.

Here is my quote from the following post:
">The problem with this situation is a matter of proof, is it not? I do
>not  know Mrs H, nor do I know Rabbi Yosef. I have not even
>the Book  of Mormon. But my curiosity began when I heard a plea from a
>woman begging for  an investigation to prove the truth. That to me
>like something to look  into, so I did. Remember I said earlier, that I

>value truth and honesty as  righteousness. That is the
>reason that I spent hours pouring over this and  several other forums
>related here. Here, Adam Bernay and any other person  that wanted
>proof  is the proof."

As to exchanging Lashon Hara, he is the only one slandering. I have
simply stated the truth to defend his slander. First involving Mrs. H,
then when he said I was a hardcore anti-semite, liar, etc.
Stating a truth to defend an untruth is not Lashon Hara, it is Thorah.
YHWH does not honor slander. Mishley 6:16-19, " These six YHWH hates,
and seven are hateful to His nafesh. Proud eyes, a lying tongue, and
hands shedding innocent blood. A heart devising plans of wickedness,
feet hurrying to run to evil.  A false witness who breathes out lies,
and one sending out strife between brothers."  Shalom, Kathryn"