My 2nd reply to Michael Detwiler

Subject: Re: 6 steps
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 01:37:11 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
To: Michael Detwiler <>

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Shalom b'YHWH
Michael, I do not know what is going on. I dont like being taken advantage of, or
played with. I dont know whether you are being genuine or if you guys are playing
good cop/bad cop with me. I did not care for your first e-mail to me, when you
responded to my first forum mailing. It was arrogant. But these e-mails are written

I do have a question and I would like you to answer me honestly. You and Steve have
both asked me to list out what my grievances are. I have told both of you that I
did that in my last e-mail to the Beit Din. Asking if you guys have even read it.
You ask me again, in this e-mail. Did y'all (or you) read them? Or did you just
delete them and thats why you need a list?

James is the head of this Beit Din. He has refused to apologize and post a
retraction. Steve has just said that it is closed. That leaves only two other
members besides yourself. I have not heard from Hartly at all, and Eric has been
silent, but involved with the forum mess, so that makes me feel that he cant be
trusted to deal with this situation. Calpino and Fabry cant vote. So, I see two
against, one suspect for against, one I dont know, and you, saying that you will
submit this to the Beit Din. The odds of my getting any investigation, apology and
a retraction dont look too good from this Beit Din.

If this is being done as a diversion or to stall things, that is just going to piss
me off. I have waited for over 2 weeks now, since the first lies against me began
to be posted. I will not wait months.

Michael you may not have intended for that to refer to me, but that is the way
people are taking it. I have gotten forwards of it, with people asking have I seen
what is being said about me. How else could they possibly take it when James sends
out to his list, what he thinks will discredit me, only to have it blow up i his
face and look worse for him. He states that he is still not exchanging lashon hara
with me, but.... Then he starts a thread at the forum on lashon hara, an obvious
aim at me. Then Fabry posts her hate comment and you your pride one. Whether you
intended it or not, that is how it looks. One person told me that y'all probably
avoided my name because you were afraid I would do another mailing about it.

I am not a proud person, except in matters of my faith. I am not arrogant or
hateful or vindictive. I am not a trouble maker. All my friends have said that I am
the most faithful and trustworthy person they know. That I would go into battle to
defend an injustice, that I can be counted on in the worst of situations. My family
and personal friends are shocked at what has been written about me. My name and
reputation are very important to me. I have earned the respect of those that know
me. To have my name so defiled by lies and slander is horrible. I cannot begin to
impress upon you the importance I place on truth and righteousness. That is why I
have been so grieved over James Trimm's behavior and the seeming lack of concern
from the Beit Din. I am nothing to y'all. My name means nothing, my reputation
means nothing. James Trimm is somebody to y'all and his name and reputation do mean
something to you. But there is a matter of what is righteousness here.

Are you familar with the history in Shoftiym, of the Lewiy that had his concubine
raped by some evil men of Benyamin, who wanted him instead. The owner of the house
they were staying at, even offered to send out his virgin daughter, but the men
wanted the Lewiy. After being abused all night,  the concubine crawls to the door
and dies. The Lewiy takes her body and takes it home. He cuts it up into 12 pieces
and send one to each of the tribes of Yisrael. The tribes said that there had never
been seen the like of this since they came up out of Mitsrayim. They gather
together and ask what happened. The Lewiy recounts the events. They decide to go up
and get the evil men that were responsible. Benyamin refuses to turn over the men
responsible. So then a war breaks out against Benyamin and the other tribes of
Yisrael. Benyamin was almost wiped out. Only 600 men survived. All the women and
children had been killed. All because they sought to protect men who had done
something unrighteous.

Now, I am in no way saying that James Trimm is a sodomite or a rapist. What I am
likening is the fact that I sent to you, the Beit Din, about this matter. No one
headed my cry for justice. So I cut this matter up and sent it out to the Beyth
Yisrael for justice. James should not have done what he did. The Beit Din should
have addressed this situation before. Does it need to come to a war, within the
Beyth, before justice is done? And what will be left afterwards? What will become
of SANJ and y'all for protecting this unrighteousness?

Shalom, Kathryn