My Reply to Luana Fabry

Subject: Re: 6 steps
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:21:58 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
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Shalom b'YHWH
Luana, I asked if the Beit Din forced James to post because that is what a
Mormon man told me that James said to him. I was verifying the information
with y'all. This Mormon is not being "weaned" from the Book of Mormon. He has
studied all the posts that James made as Rabbi Yosef on the jewishbom,
bom-archaeology, bom-messianic, etc. He believes all that James has taught and
is about to start a website with it all. He has been in communication with
James since this all began. But he had received e-mails from James, as Rabbi
Yosef, prior to the exposure.

"James started calling me after my name was brought up after I talked to you
and went to synagogue with the [H's]."

"My only desire is to find truth in the Jewishness of the scriptures and
you and James are two of the people that I feel the Lord led me to, as well as
Avi (ben Mordecai)."

"All the conversations with James has pretty much been him talking about you
and [Mrs. H.]. The last time he called a few days ago he talked about your quotes
that were supposedly anti Semitic. That night after I got off the phone I
looked at your web site and found that those statements were not anti Semitic
but seemed to be anti Jewish TRADITION."

"I know that James is onto something with the jewishness of the bom and that
is information i want to learn. Just like i want to learn from you the things
that are not from YHWH but are TRADITION."

"I believe the book of Mormon is causing a lot of people problems because it
is true and they don't want to admit it in their particular circle of people.
The truth was and is going to come out eventually anyway YHWH says it will.
The same thing I happening in the circle of BOM believers as they come into
the Law again that ephraim left behind. People in the gentile church don't
want law they only want grace but they don't know they cant have one without
the other. You were probably and Sandra a way for the Lord to reveal things
about trimm and this is causing people to look at the book and that is what
YHWH wants."

"I just want to understand the BOM (a Hebrew book) correctly. "

" If I do a Jewish BOM website it will be in a my name if you know what I
mean, because I want the truth to get out no matter what people think of me. "

"I just want to talk to him and share what he knows from a Jewish perspective
on the BOM."

Those are just from this weeks e-mails.

THe ironic thing here Luana, is that I have gone post by post, from august to
jan., and you are the one, after Sukkoth, who brought the subject of the Book
of Mormon up. You asked if anyone knew anything about it.

As for why this "mormon" issue wont go away, is because y'all have covered it
up and not dealt with it. If y'all feel that the BoM is not a Jewish writing,
written to Jews and Gentiles, that it is not the renewed covenant spoken of by
YirmeYahu, if it is not inspired of by YHWH, then do something about the man
in your midst that teaches these things. So long as you ignore this, he will
continue in those beliefs.

If y'all beleive that [Mrs. H'] is deceived in the matters of the BoM,
then you need to deal with the real Maysit, the one who taught her all that,
James Trimm, aka Rabbi Yosef, aka Yosef Liahona, aka Steve Cohen. Under all
three of these names, James taught the validity and inspiration of the BoM,
not just to her, but to many others.

I am not dropping anything, till I get a full apology and complete retraction
of the lies and slander spoken against me, and the [H's] deserve an apology
and the Beit Din decision against them dropped.

Shalom, Kathryn