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Subject: RE: 6 steps
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 23:16:49 -0400
From:  "Rabbi Yeshayahu Heiliczer" <>
To:  "purnhrt" <>
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I have eliminated the rest of the discussion because I want to deal with your latest claim:

> Since posting the 6 step, James Trimm told a man, who is a
> Mormon, that believes James Trimms teaching that the BoM is an
> ancient Jewish document, written by Jews and to Jews and
> Gentiles, etc.,  that he was forced to post that by the Beit Din.
> That is why I asked y'all if you did. James also made other posts
> to a forum called two_sticks, validating the BoM in light of
> Thorah, on the 20th..
> Posts 505,506,507,508

I read those 4 posts and the ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY DO NOT VALIDATE THE BOM NOR DOES IT SAY THAT IT IS AN ANCIENT JEWISH DOCUMENT.  Maybe you are not used to scholarly discussions like this, but it is apparent that Dr. Trimm was teaching FROM a Mormon mindset, using their own book,  and proving that even if you believe in the Book of Mormon, you still have to believe in Torah Observance.  It also shows that the Book of Mormon has quite a bit which is quoted from the "New Testament" and in either case teaches Torah observance.

I'm tired, and it's late, and I joined this discussion because other people asked me about what was going on.  IF THIS IS THE TYPE OF "EVIDENCE" you are using, then as far as I'm concerned THE CASE IS CLOSED.  If you have specific complaints with REAL EVIDENCE then you are welcome to bring it to the Beit Din. This particular discussion is closed.  My vote is for dismissal.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Heiliczer
Director, Association of Torah Observant Messianics
Member, International Nazarene Beit Din