My Reply to Steve Heiliczer

Subject: Re: 6 steps
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:28:28 -0500
From: purnhrt <>

Shalom b'YHWH
Steve, may I ask, where was the concern for lashon hara when the [H's] were being slandered? Where was the concern for lashon hara, when I posted the truth of a matter, which was requested, in defence of a slander accusation? Where was the concern for lashon hara when James Trimm accused me of being a hardcore anti-semite, a
liar, in league with anti-semites, etc.? Where was the concern when James made another post to his list, insinuating that I was a liar in saying I did not know "him", but then later saying I did? All of his accusations I have refutted and proven they were false.

I have made several calls today, to various Rabbis of Orthodox Shuls. I also called the Rabbinical Assembly in New York. The statements of all, concerning this situation are this:
It is not lashon hara to defend one unjustly accused. It is not lashon hara to state the truth in your own defense. It is not lashon hara to reveal the truth of a situation, that is currently on going. In fact, they stated that it is a responsibility to prove the truth and to stop the perpetuating of fraud, deception and lies.

I was not general with these Rabbi's, but very specific in the nature of what is happening. And this situation is still going on now. Hence my question to you, if James Trimm was directed by y'all to post the 6 steps about the Mormons.

As I have stated before, I am not committing lashon hara, yet James Trimm has, and much more. I appealed to this Beit Din several times, in this matter and no one responded or investigated this situation. I have more proof now. I still have not received a full apology and retraction of the lies spoken against me. Nor have the [H's] received an
apology for the slander spoken against them and an investigation into the charges levied against them as a Beit DIn and the Beit Din's decision against them.

I am fully aware of the discussion at the forum, about lashon hara. I have seen the statements of Luana Fabry about people that commit this, it is because of hate, and Michael Detwilers comments that it is pride. I know that this is directed at me, since James said that he was not going to have a lashon hara contest with me. I told him that I was
not having one. He then brought the subject of lashon hara to the forum. I am not doing this out of hate, but to see justice and righteousness done. I am not proud either, except in being called out of darkness, redeemed by the blood of Yahusha` and adopted into the Beyth YHWH and observe the Thorah of YHWH. THese are the things I take pride in.

SHalom, Kathryn

Rabbi Yeshayahu Heiliczer wrote:

> No, Dr. Trimm started to post information on reaching all sorts of false religions and cults other than the Mormons.  For example, on 7/1 he posted "Ten Step Approach To Moslems." I personally think these are in response to another "step approach" which was mentioned by someone at the Denver conference which was much too broad for all people.
> Kathryn, please remember that spreading information about anyone with the intention of discrediting their name, even if it is true, is considered Loshon Hara.
> Rabbi Yeshayahu Heiliczer
> Director, Association of Torah Observant Messianics
> Member, International Nazarene Beit Din