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On 8-4-2000, James Trimm mailed out several statements, that he called setting things straight. Here is what he sent out concerning his doctorate.

 James Trimm's setting things straight on the doctorate?

Here are the  e-mails I sent and the ones that I received from the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, about James Trimm and his doctorate. The Bishop Don De Cordova's St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary was not under the approval of CACINA and any issuing of degrees was on his own recognizance and should be checked with the State Dept. of Ed. to see if it was licensed.


The following are e-mails from the Departments of Higher Education in Texas and New Mexico, stating that St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary was not licensed to issue doctorates of any kind.


 New Mexico

In the continuing search for the mysterious Bishop Don De Cordova, I was sent to a website and told that a person might be Bishop Don De Cordova. So I started investigating. Not only was this man the Cordova I sought, but his brother has been on the original plea to the assembly mailing list and they in fact have other diploma mills, or are a part of them. Seems to be a family thing. At any rate, the following page has all the information.

Bishop Don De Cordova/Don Bryant Hargis

I sent an e-mail to Don Hargis, asking,
"Subject: transcript
 Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2000 12:35:04 -0500
 From: purnhrt <>

Shalom b'YHWH

Don Hargis, James has posted at his website, a copy of his transcript
that he states, was issued by you.
Several have asked if you really issued that transcript to him. So am
writing to ask if you did issue the transcript, which he shows, to James
Trimm? Thank you. Shalom, Kathryn"

Don Hargis has not answered.

"Doctorate Documentation"

Now that James Trimm has provided the said documentation, that can be addressed. In case you have not been made aware, he has all the photocopies of his diploma, transcripts and letters of reference at

Oddly enough, he does not have any faculty listed for his illegal yeshiva, so these photo pages have been housed here. In case he drops them, I have them saved and  put them up for you to see his fraud.

 Doctorate Documentation

Doctoral Dissertation

On the false transcript of 1995,  that James Trimm provided, he lists, "Subscript. Doctoral Project- B'sorot Matti- The Gospel According to Matthew translated from an ancient Hebrew copy of the Gospel, including publication of the text."

This is the same B'sorot Matti that James supposedly translated and published in 1990, which I have a copy of. I was told from one source that James copied the NKJV of Matthew and with a word processor changed all the christological terms to semitic ones. Another source told me that there had been rumors that it was a plagarism of Hugh Schonfields translation of the DuTillet Matthew. I interlibrary loaned  Schonfields book and compared it with James "translation". The results are below. I feel that is sufficent for proof that James Trimm's "translation" of Matthew is a plagarism.

 Sample Plagarism

Obviously, this was no doctoral dissertation, since it was already plagarized and published 5 years before. Which shows even more, that James Trimm's doctorate is a fraud.

Here is some further information on this "translation."
James has the first verse , "These are the generations of Yeshua, the son of David, the son of Avraham." An example that he did not translate, but rather copied is that in the handwritten Hebrew in the back of James book, B'sorot Matti, the first verse has yeshu (YShW), not Yeshua (YShW`).

Here is a quote from George Howard's Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, pg. 207, "1. According to the Tol'doth Yeshu, Jesus' original name was Yehoshua (ryedi). Later, when he became a heretic, his name was changed to Yeshu (eyi). The explanation given for this change is that eyi stands for exkfe eny gni, meaning: 'may his name and memory be blotted out.' " George Howard then goes on to list that in the first chapter of Shem Tob's Hebrew Matthew, verses 21 and 25 had Yeshua listed. This is the same as the Hebrew in the back of his B'sorot Matti. If James had translated, he would have seen all the cases of Yeshu, which he has as Yeshua.

 E-mail Forward


Background Education

At the same time the CACINA e-mails were being sent, I was made aware of the order of education. Apparently you cant get a doctorate unless you have a masters degree. You cant get a masters unless you have a bachelors and you cant get that, unless you have a diploma from a High School or a GED. I then sent an e-mail to James Trimm asking about his other education that he had to have, prior to the doctorate. James Trimm, has still not answered any questions as to where he received a Bachelors or a Masters. Both of which are necessary before you can receive a legitimate Doctorate. The  "transcript" he provided,  doesnt have any previous education listed, which is on transcripts, just not his.

 James Trimm's Background Education

James Trimm's degree statements

The following page lists James Trimm's statements of his degrees, their sources, statements of associates about his degrees, etc.

 James Trimm's Degree Statements


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