Degree Statements

Statements by James Trimm

In the back of his book, The Semitic Origin of the New Testament, he states he has a ST.D in Semitic Studies.

On the Jewishness of the Book of Mormon website, he stated, "The title 'Rabbi' is accurate as Yosef has a PhD in Rabbinical Studies" And we all know that James Trimm was Rabbi Yosef.

In his e-mail, Setting Some Things Straight he states, "My doctorate is from St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary" "I have letters of recomendation for the degree of doctorate in Semitic
Studies from when I was awarded the degree of doctorate."

In his recent e-mail of 8-11-2000, he states, "I was conferred with the S.T.D.  degee (Sacrae Theologae Doctor)
by this seminary on June 7th 1995."

In the first e-mail to me, on 7-4-2000, he states, "I am a scholar of theology."  "Furthermore I am a part of the Religious-Crisis Task Force, a group of Theology doctrorates who are available as consultants should another "Waco" type crisis occur."

Others listing degrees

Close associates of James Trimm, even have listed his doctorates.

John Huston McCulloch, of the Economics Dept., Ohio State University,  on his website wrote,
"However, Dr. James Trimm, whose Ph.D. is in Semitic Languages, has recently reported that
the base and lid contain fragments of the Decalogue text."

I wrote to John McCulloch and asked him about James Trimm's doctorate and where it was from. Here is his reply.

 John Huston McCulloch's e-mail


"Dr. James Trimm"

There are a number of other sites where people refer to James Trimm as a Dr. They do so because James refers to himself that way. The following are examples of James Trimm referrring to himself as Dr.

At the Kabbalah site which includes writings from James Trimm. All the articles by James are signed either Dr. James Trimm or Dr. James Scott Trimm. "Programming and artistic rendering by Eric Sandquist - Systems Engineer Based on research gathered from Dr. James Trimm, Luana Fabry and others."


At the e-groups/time-space, post 550, James signs letters, Dr. James Trimm.

Time space 550 

At James Trimm's nazarene forum, he put up this post:

 Dr. James Trimm

The Beit Netzarim Congregation was the one that James Trimm started and led in Hurst, Texas. It didnt last. But since he is planning on moving to Colorado, it is being established up there.

          Dallas Ft Worth

          TSBBeit Netzarim Congregation. PO Box 471, Hurst, TX 76053. E-mail contact:
          Website: and "

 Beit Netzarim in Texas