Doctorate Documentation


According to this Diploma, the St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary was in SantaFe, NM. And according to the Department of Higher Education in NM, there was no St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, nor was one licensed to issue degrees. So the issuing of this diploma is illegal.

Also, this diploma states that  it was awarded at Santa Fe, but I was told that it was given in a ceremony at the Reunion Institute, in Houston, Texas, which Dr. Phillip Arnold is president of. He is the Recommending Advisor that signed on this diploma.

Another note, is the signature of Bishop Don De Cordova. It is signed as Dom Don Bryant De Cordova, who is Don Bryant Hargis. This information is located at  Cordova/Hargis .


The first thing about this transcript is the paper. Transcripts are generally on a special paper so they cant be copied easily. They include messages to indicate they  are original and if you have a black and white copy, then that message will be on there.

The next major thing is the name of the seminary. Chrysostom is misspelled. They have spelled it Chrysotom. What seminary, on official documents, misspells their own name?

Also, it is done on a cheap word processor and the columns dont line up.
There is no prior record of education, which there always is.
There are no professors listed for the courses.
There are no dates listed.
There are too many credit hours for a doctorate.
The course descriptions read more like a book list than actual courses.

And once again, to issue a degree of any kind, without licensing from either Texas or New Mexico, is illegal and this doctorate is a fraud.

 Rabbi Herbert Gilner

Rabbi Gilner's last address was Arlington, Texas, so that is where I began. I called the synagogues and shuls in that location. None knew of him but one. I simply asked for Rabbi Herbert Gilner. The one that answered, which was a Reformed Synagogue, asked why I needed him. They said if I needed a Rabbi for a wedding or something, that they would rather recommend someone else, as this guy was not reputable and they were pretty sure that he was not even a Rabbi. They said that he did not attend at any of the congregations that they knew of. I even called Fort Worth and surrounding areas with the same result.

So I called the Rabbinical Assembly, in New York, for the conservatives. They did not have a Rabbi Herbert Gilner on record. I called the Rabbinical Council, in New York, for the Orthodox, and they dont have a Rabbi Herbert Gilner. One of the Reformed Synagogues that I spoke with, accessed their database of listed Rabbis and the Reformed dont have a Rabbi Herbert Gilner either.