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My first e-mail to CACINA

 First reply from CACINA

Now this is really curious. Why would James Trimm make an inquiry to an organization, via the web, about the seminary? I wrote to Bishop Kelly, answering why I was inquiring and even gave him a link to my site, with the page that James sent out, siting them as the organization that the seminary was from. And offering to answer any questions that he might have.

 My reply to Bishop Kelly

 Bishop Kelly's reply

This gets even more curious. Why is James contacting them and telling them what he has?

So, these are the facts from what Bishop Kelly wrote:
The Bishop Don De Cordova, who issued James Trimm's doctorate, is no longer a bishop with CACINA.
It is legal for a bishop to prepare a candidate for ministry within his diocese.
There was no seminary for CACINA in 1995, when James Trimm states he got his doctorate.
Any doctorate issued by the Bishop Don De Cordova, would have been on his own recognizance.
Bishop Don De Cordova was not authorized to offer academic degrees in the absence of appropriate
             licensing by the secular government.
Only the secular government can authorize an educational institution to grant academic degrees.
Seminaries dont need authorization to train clergy, but James Trimm was not being trained for clergy.
             James Trimm has stated he received a doctorate.
The Bishop Kelly does not know if the St. John Chyrsostom Theological Seminary had the necessary
They did not know of the seminary until these inquires.
The Bishop Don De Cordova left CACINA in Dec. 1995, because of a dispute.
And CACINA does not know of his whereabouts.

So just to make sure I understood the situation and to ask some more questions, I sent another e-mail to Bishop Kelly.

 More questions for Bishop Kelly

 Bishop Kelly's last e-mail

Facts from this e-mail:
Bishop Don De Cordova operated out of Texas and New Mexico, in the mid 90's.
Bishops can educate candidates for the clergy.
Anything Bishop Cordova offered beyond that was a matter between himself and the authorities.