James Trimm's Background Education

 Education Request

Not wanting to wait for an e-mail that would probably not be answered, I called the Deptarment of Education for the State of Texas, in Austin, TX. I asked how you check for a persons HS education. Since the HS diploma route would take more time, I opted to be transferred to the GED office and see if James Trimm got a GED, instead of graduating and getting a diploma. This proved to be fruitful and save me a lot of time. James Scott Trimm, born in 1966, received a GED on 7-1-85, from the Grapevine Collyville School District, in Tarrant County, TX.

I then checked with the list of 4 yr colleges and universities in the area, provided by the Department of Education. James Trimm would need to attend one of these universities to receive his bachelors degree, since he remained in the Dallas /Fort Worth area. Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University and University of North Texas, all did not have a James Scott Trimm, born in 1966, as a student from 1985-1995, when he says that he received his doctorate.

Southern Methodist University
 SMU Response