Search for James Trimm's doctorate

From the first e-mail that James sent, stating his credentials, I had been trying to track down the source of his doctorate. He listed a seminary, but not by name. But the name of the seminary is in the back of one of his books. On the last page of the Semetic Origin of the New Testament, he states that he has some kind of degree (the print is blurred there), from the St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. In the beginning of the book, he thanks a Bishop Don De Cordova, an Apostolic Catholic Bishop, who is the executive director of the seminary. I had tried for two weeks to locate this seminary. All the names James dropped, did not know where this seminary was. They even gave conflicting reports. Some named the seminary, others thought it was from an Apostolic Catholic Church, but commented that it was not Roman Catholic. Some had no idea. Those that had the seminary name, didnt know where it was located. When I called a national board of accreditation, they did not have a St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary listed as being accredited. Neither did a search for the Bishop Don De Cordova reveal anyone. I called numerous cities, with no such place.

I sent an e-mail asking James where the source of his credentials was from. He never answered. Several others wrote that they asked and he did not answer them either. If his credentials were authentic, he would not hesitate to state where they were from.

The following is an e-mail I received from John Tvedtnes, a professor at BYU.

 John Tvedtnes email about diploma mill

John Tvedtnes post on diploma mill

James Tabor email no accredited degree

At this point, James Trimm sent out an e-mail called "Setting Some Things Straight", which he then tries to set the record straight about his doctorate and finally divulge some information about it.