Bishop Don De Cordova/Don Bryant Hargis


The only way I feel I can present this is to show it to you as I got it.

I received an e-mail on 8-22-00, stating that my mysterious Bishop Don De Cordova might be at this site. I was given a link.

I went to this site and found that MBI has a Yeshiva also. When I went to the faculty page, I saw two brothers, David and Don Hargis. David is the president of MBI Yeshiva, which I will deal with later. The following is the information from their faculty page for Don Hargis.

"Don B. Hargis, S.T.D. / Professor of Theology / Bachelor of Arts in Comparative and Historical Religions
and Linguistics: Southern Methodist University, Master of Theology: National Christian University, Doctor
of Sacred Theology: St. Johns Theological Seminary / Twenty years of ministry, Director with the Aramaic
Bible Society"
MBI Faculty

Also on another page of MBI, is a further connection of De Cordova.
MBI Cordova

At the bottom of the page, above the pictures, is a note about the name Cordova.
"His grandmother (Cordova) was a Sephardic Jew from Spain and her husband, his grandfather, was an Ukrainian Jew. A second cousins grandfather, Avraham Hargis, was an Orthodox Jewish Rebbe. The origin of Hargis, concerning his clan, is from the Hebrew har-gil, meaning "mountain of rejoicing;" and there is some legendary belief that it is Levite, or even Kohen."

So they claim that it is through a maternal grandmother, that they have the Sephardic Jewish name of Cordova.

Lets look at Don Hargis list of degrees.  Don says that he got a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative and Historical Religions and Linguistics from Southern Methodist University. I called SMU's registrars office. He did get a bachelors in 1976, but it was not in Comparative and Historical Religions and Linguistics, it was just in Religion. Now here is something interesting. On his transcripts, it is flagged because of a name change. Don Bryant Hargis changed his name and notified them of the legal name change to Don Bryant De Cordova.

Next on his list of degrees, he says that he has a Master of Theology from National Christian University. National Christian University used to be based in Texas. They were an illegal diploma mill that was not licensed to issue degrees and they were not accedited. Since 1976, the State of Texas has had an injuction against them and they are not allowed to issue any degrees in Texas. So if Don got his masters  from them, it would be after the 1976 injunction. Unless he got it after they moved their headquarters to Oklahoma.

This diploma mill is listed in Name It and Frame It, by Steve Levicoff.
1620 Pinn Road
San Antonio, Texas 78227
(512) 673-4943

     A primarily residential program, NCU claims to have "integrated study and examination courses" for
     off-campus learning and offers credit for life experience. Their brochure claims that NCU is "an
     Associate Member" of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), a
     misleading statement since Associate status in TRACS is not a membership category. They have also
     stated, "We do not have our new catalog completed," and repeated requests have produced the same
     response. Their brochure contains no faculty listings, and their letterhead is photocopied rather than
     printed, which raises further questions about their credibility. Finally, in their Assessment of Career
     Experiential Learning - Student Manual, they state, "Your Experiential Learning Portfolio and related
     documents become part of your permanent file and are property of NCU. Access to student files is
     limited to NCU administration and faculty. In some circumstances limited student access to the
     student's file may be permitted." This is an absurdity, since students at legitimate schools have the
     legal right to examine their files in full (except for any application recommendation letters to which
     they have previously waived their right of review)."

So like any illegal diploma mill that cannot meet state standards, they move to a state that has a religious exemption and continue to sell illegitimate degrees that are not accepted in the scholarly community and are not valid in the work community.

The next degree that Don sites is that of Doctor of Sacred Theology from St. Johns Theological Seminary. Now this is Don Bryant Hargis', aka Don Bryant De Cordova's own illegal seminary, that was not licensed by the states of Texas or New Mexico. He has given himself a doctorate.

He then lists that he is/was the Director with the Aramaic Bible Society. It was interesting that when I did a net search on Bishop Don De Cordova originally, that the only two sites that came up were at the Aramaic Bible Society website, aramaic .org. Cordova was the editor of The Aramaic Journal for the Aramaic Bible Society.

Three years ago when I first got on the net, I found a site about the Khaboris Codex, which was hosted by Hargis Technologies. It is interesting that is one of the e-mails for Don Hargis. Another interesting connection with the Khaboris Codex, is that it was housed for a time at the Reunion Institute, by Dr. Phillip Arnold. It was picked up by Bishop Don De Cordova and was supposed to be returned to Dan Mc Dougal, the owner. It was not, according to Bob Allen, and was found at James Trimms office and was soiled.  Dr. Phillip Arnold also mentioned that it was finally located damaged. Bob Allen stated that McDougal was angry. This manuscript was dated back to the 3rd century. Dan Mc Dougal just died a few months ago, so I have no way to follow up on that information.

Now, the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America said that Don De Cordova was a bishop with them, but I never saw any mention of him on their website. But then, they listed that there was a falling out in 1995 and they didnt know where he was. When I did a search for Cordova, but using the middle name of Bryant, I hit a site with his name. His listing of being a bishop is at another site. Both sites show the old succession they claim, but at a certain point, they diverge.

Here is the line from
 Cordova line

Cordova line copy             see 10/08/1988 for Bishop Don De Cordova

Here is the line from CACINA   main page

When Cordova signed the diploma of James Trimm, he signed it as Don Bryant De Cordova.

Don Bryant Hargis is Don Bryant De Cordova, who illegally issued a false doctorate to James Trimm.