MBI Yeshiva


According to the State of Virginia's Higher Education Dept., religious institutions, in the state of Virginia,
are exempt from the Virginia Administrative Code. Since MBI Yeshiva, has the religious exemption, they
are only allowed to issue religious degrees, but that does not mean that the degrees are worth anything
outside of MBI Yeshiva. The Yeshiva does not meet state standards. In fact, though they claimed to be
accredited, the agency that they claimed accreditation from, Transworld Accrediting Commission is not
recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a crediting agency.


 Transworld Accrediting Commission

The Dept. of Higher Education in Virginia gave me this link, so that you could see that Transworld Accrediting Commission is not recognized by the US Government as a legitimate accrediting organization.

I also called CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation, and they also do not recognize Transworld Accrediting Commission.  http://www.chea.org/Directories/national.htm
You can check their links on the left side of the column, for any subject and you will not find  TAC.

Many people do not realize, that a number of official sounding accediting agencies are not legitimate.


The President of this Yeshiva is David Hargis.
"David M. Hargis, Ph.D. President of the Yeshiva / Professor of Hebrew and Theology / Bachelor of Arts
 in Bible: Central Bible College, Master of Theology: Lael University, Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical
Communications: International Seminary and Bible College / Ordained to ministry 1973, Ordained
Messianic Jewish Rabbi 1991, President of Messianic Bureau International"

David Hargis did receive a bachelors from Central Bible College, in MO, on May 27th, 1971.

Lael University, where he states that he got his Master of Theology from, is another diploma mill.

Steve Levicoff's, Name It and Frame It     http://levicoff.tripod.com/nifi/nifi-12.htm
3721 St. Bridget Lane
St. Ann, Missouri 63074
(314) 426-7000

     Formerly claiming accreditation by the unrecognized Accrediting Commission International, this
     school advertises degrees from the associate's through doctoral levels. Formerly located in a small
     strip shopping center next to a locksmith and an insurance agency (truly making them a "store-front
     university"), they claim that you can, "Study to become a biblical counselor, a licensed pastoral
     counselor, or a ordained minister." What they don't tell you is pastoral counseling is largely
     unregulated by the government and that you don't need a license to be a pastoral counselor. They
     state up front, "Most courses can be completed in a few days. Send the answers in, we will mark your
     papers and mail your grade back to you." This, of course, would never be acceptable to a legitimate
     accreditor since the exams are not proctored. Bottom line: their degrees are worthless. In September
     1992, Lael was granted candidacy status by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and
     Schools (TRACS); the school used to be called Lael University, but recently changed their name to
     Lael College & Graduate School, perhaps because they were required to do so by TRACS. In a new
     catalog that is photocopied and stapled and, for the first time, does not mention any accreditation
     with the Accrediting Commission International, Lael also offers both masters and doctorates in
     "psychological services," but they do not mention that their degrees will not qualify a person for
     licensure as a psychologist. Their faculty listings indicate only three full-time faculty and ten
     part-timers; for an allegedly comprehensive university granting degrees at the bachelor's through
     doctoral levels, this is absurd. Despite their continuing recognition by TRACS (which of course,
     doesn't say too much for TRACS), I'll go on the line here: they're still a degree mill. Advertises or has
     advertised in Pulpit Helps."

International Seminary and Bible College is where David Hargis claims to have gotten his PhD. from. I cannot locate an International Seminary and Bible College, but did find an International Bible College and Seminary, which Levicoff wrote about below. He states that many times when these diploma mills are caught, they will simply alter their name slightly or reverse the order of part of the name. He also mentions that people will give the name of an organization that they supposedly got their education from, minorly altering the name, but you wont be able to locate it. I am still checking into this one.

1301 South Noland Road
Independence, Missouri 64055
(816) 461-3633

     Claiming accreditation by the Accrediting Commission International, this school lists over thirty-three
     different degrees (including twelve different master's degree titles), more than any legitimate school
     would list. No faculty credentials are listed in their catalog, though Dr. George Reuter, founder of the
     International Accrediting Commission who was convicted of running a fraudulent accrediting agency
     (see Chapter 4), is listed as a member of their advisory board. In 1992, Reuter was appointed
     president of the school, carrying on a grand tradition in questionable education. Advertises or has
     advertised in Christianity Today and Pulpit Helps."

Don Hargis
For the credentials see  Cordova/Hargis


On 8-28-2000, just after my last update, which involved identifying Bishop Don De Cordova as Don Hargis, of MBI, and stating that MBI was not accredited by a legitimate accrediting organization, I received this reply from Linda Riggs, stating that they did have bonafide accreditation.

 First e-mail from Linda Riggs

 My Reply to Linda Riggs

Just after my reply was sent, another e-mail from Linda arrived. This was apparently the full intended e-mail. This is also the e-mail, that James Trimm sent out to all his lists. Whether Linda or someone else forwarded it to James, I do not know.

 Linda's Full e-mail

In this e-mail, Linda states that I "twisted facts", "twisted the truth", asked if what I wrote of James Trimm was "skewed and twisted" as she claims I did to her rabbi, his brother, her yeshiva, etc. The following information, will prove that I did no such thing, but stated facts and I, once again, have documentation to prove it. As to Linda's other accusations, there is no vendetta. I have simply checked on each statement that James has made, to defend his original slander and lie. As I checked each statement, he furthered the lies and slander, including me in them as well. His own lies and deceptions have brought this on him. He could have been upright in the beginning and simply apologized and repented for slandering and lying about being Rabbi Yosef. Concerning Linda's other statements, I have spoken the truth, I have not defrauded, lied or deceived anyone, and I do walk uprightly, which is why I answered a plea for an invesitgation into the truth, why I posted to defend a woman unjustly accused of slander and lying, why I have sought the truth in all these matters. To Linda or anyone else concerned, I invite any of you to run a criminal background check on me, check anything about me. See what you will find.

James then puts out a "Further Response to 'Diploma Mill' Slander.
In this absurd e-mail James not only says that I failed to prove that his degree had been purchased from a diploma mill, but he also states, "By now broadening the scope of her attack Kathryn is beginning to expose her true agenda. MBI's Yeshiva and Beit Netzarim Yeshiva are the only full time Messianic
Jewish Yeshiva programs out there.  What she is now saying in effect then is that ALL Messianic Jewish Yeshivas are diploma mills!"

That is not at all what I have been saying. I have been stating facts from Departments of Higher Education, concerning legalities to issue degrees, accreditation and exemptions. I have also stated, based on research done by Steve Levicoff and quotes from two professors, what diploma mills are. I have also stated that if they call themselves a yeshiva and offer to give rabbinates and s'mikah, with all the terms of Rabbinic Judaism, then they should offer the same standards of education that a Rabbinic Yeshiva offers. To do otherwise, makes a mockery of messianics, going by those names and using those titles. I have never stated that ALL Messianic Jewish Yeshivas are diploma mills. Just those brought up, that offered degrees, which were no where near the standards of other seminaries or  rabbinical yeshiva's. Which leads me to the update information about MBI Yeshiva and Beit Netzarim Yeshiva.

The following are changes at MBI Yeshiva site, that were required by the Depatment of Higher Education in Virginia, in order to be in compliance with the religious exemption. These changes involved their listing accreditation and other matters. MBI now states, "Transworld Accrediting Commission is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education," which is what I stated and was contested as twisting facts and not telling the whole truth.


Notice to Educators and Concerned Citizens


 MBI Policy

On this Policy page, MBI states,
MBI Yeshiva makes no claims, promises or implied warranty regarding the value of our services, whether
for training, vocational preparation, job attainment or academic accreditation. It is up to the student to
determine the validity of credits earned through MBI Yeshiva courses. Each academic institution and/or
each state determines their own guidelines for transferrable credits. MBI Yeshiva cannot determine whether
or not a given school will recognize Yeshiva credits. The only contract, and no other implied, which MBI
Yeshiva enters into with the student, is to provide transcripted course credit for tuition paid. By applying
to MBI Yeshiva the student agrees to hold MBI Yeshiva blameless and not liable for failing any possible
expectation of the student concerning participation in MBI Yeshiva. Any student who submits an
application for admission to MBI Yeshiva agrees to the policy of the Yeshiva as listed here."

This disclaimer is basically stating that if you apply to them, you cannot blame or hold them liable for their degrees not being worth anything outside of MBI, and they make no claims or such to what the value of their degrees are to anyone else.


Another interesting connection with MBI is their acceptance of James Trimm's  yeshiva, which is not legal according to the State of Texas, does not have a religious exemption and is not accreditited. MBI stated that they accepted up to 66% of Beit Netzarim Yeshiva credits.

 MBI Yeshiva Credits

I sent an e-mail to MBI, asking if they were aware that James Trimm's yeshiva was illegal.

 E-mail to MBI
They have not responded.

According to David Linkletter, since James Trimm's credits were issued illegally, they cannot be transferred and to do so would be illegal. For MBI Yeshiva to accept them, would also be illegal.