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Subject: Re: 1 justice from the assembly
Date: 28 Aug 2000 18:28:03 -0700
From: Linda <>

With apologies to first email did not go through properly..I'm having internet is
the email in its entirety..

Kathryn, and other members of this 'Kathryn-called Beit Din'....

I was willing to read these emails and commit them to prayer. I have replied on several occasions to
Kathryn in private email that I would pray for her, and that she would obtain peace in her heart over this
whole matter. Now that my very own rabbi, my rabbi's brother, my yeshiva, my yeshiva teachers (most of
which are members of my congregation here in Virginia and dear friends), are now swept up in this
barrage of attacks, and facts are being twisted in order for Kathryn to bring about the demise of Dr.

 To this I say, ENOUGH.

I was not willing to say 'lashon-hara' unless someone could show me proof.

This is a quote from Kathryn's last letter:

"Now, Virginia has a religious exemption, which MBI has, so they are allowed to issue religious degrees.
But the Dept. of Higher Education told me that they do not meet state standards and their degrees are
worthless. MBI also says they have accrediting, but the accreditation organization they list is a fraud and
does not meet government standards. Therefore they are not accredited. And this is not the only online
diploma mill they are involved in."

This is a case of mis-direction and mis information. No religious school is "state accredited" by Virginia
due to separation of Church and State laws.  How can Virginia say that a course in "Messianic Theology"
is accredited?  They know this and thus issue exemptions, as MBI Yeshiva has.
The organization that MBI is accredited with is perfectly bonafide, just at the low scale, once again
because unless they are secular (offering arts/sciences) MBI Yeshiva cannot get the highest accreditation.

Kathryn twisted the truth about my yeshiva. Separation of Church and State DICTATE that we cannot be
state accredited.  The STATE of VIRGINIA's Department of Education will have nothing to do with a
religious school (affiliation-wise)Yet, she fails to mention those facts in order to be fair. In fact, she  made
it look as if something shady was going on there.

Kathryn,you claimed our Messianic Yeshiva was nothing more than a diploma mill..have you EVER
taken a course there or seen one? I AM a student there and have taken courses in secular college..I AM
EARNING MY DEGREE IN MESSIANIC's MUCH more difficult than a regular college
course! would you know that Kathryn? You could not know that..To be fair to you, maybe you just
didn't know the other side..Rabbi Dr. David Hargis is an outstanding man of G-d. He preaches the Word
of the Most High G-d, and he has always exhorted his congregation to righteous living.. this man FEARS
the Most High, and would NEVER purport anything that was not totally above-board and honest. Did
you ever talk to my rabbi? Did you ever ask him about this?
Don Hargis has written two courses for MBI's Yeshiva..and the courses are excellent. Some of the things
you brought out were true. He was a Bishop, and his name was De Cordova at one time. However, did
you confront HIM and ask HIM about this or did you simply take a one-sided approach AGAIN and
slant the story to make it look worse than it is?
 Which of my fellow-congregants/yeshiva teachers are you accusing of involvement in this, and did you
confront them in order to present a BALANCED view for the judgment of the assembly?

I find it interesting that you quote in your letter:

Shemoth [Exodus] 20:16, "You will not answer against another person a deceptive (sheqer) witness."

 My fellow MBI members and my rabbi will simply ignore these accusations. They know before Ad_nai
that their walk is true and faithful and upright, and they have nothing for which they should be ashamed.

The bottom line is you didn't get ALL your facts, nor did you give your ACCUSED the benefit of rebuttal.
You simply ran off and slandered good men and women who are serving the Most High and promoting
the Messianic Movement in a POSITIVE way.

This is NOT of the Most High G-d. This is not something HE would have you to do.

I seriously question now anything that you say about Dr. James Trimm as well. How much of what you
have said about him has been skewed and twisted (just like what you said about my rabbi and his
brother,my yeshiva, and teachers/friends) to fit what you want it to say??

*You say that you want the house cleaned. Get that HUGE BEAM out of your own eye first, Kathryn.

*You want justice? Be FAIR yourself.

*You want the truth to come out? SPEAK THE ENTIRE TRUTH YOURSELF.

*You are worried that the testimony of the Messianic Movement will be damaged among our
non-believing Jewish brethren, as well as Gentile believers? THEN WALK UPRIGHTLY YOURSELF.

*You say you are am I!!! I am appalled that you would slander people that I have taken time
to get to know, people whose testimonies have been an inspiration and encouragement to me, ministries
that are led by sincere people of G-d, people WHO HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HARM YOU IN ANY
WAY.. and for what? To PROVE that James Trimm is a liar?

What EXACTLY do you want from him? It seems to me that your motivation is to make him pay for not
having apologized to you for whatever offense you feel he has committed against you.

You say that you want swift justice, and that this has gone on for two months. In the real world, Kathryn,
justice may never come in your lifetime for some offenses. If James Trimm has offended you, is not the
G-d you serve MORE than capable of handling him? Are we given to a spirit of offense?

How many countless hours have you spent on this vendetta? How much time of your life has been
WASTED on this bitterness in your heart? Even IF James Trimm (and I do say IF because I have borne
witness to your truth-twisting) has done any PART of what you say..let go and let The Most High be his

This member of your self-appointed Beit Din has spoken. I'm DONE. ENOUGH. LET IT GO.

The Messianic Movement is about RESTORATION. Not DESTRUCTION of the Body of Messiah.

I strongly urge you to repent, and make this right among this 'Beit Din', and any other believers you have
deceived, no matter how well-intentioned you may have's become something ugly and twisted
and youíve made a mountain out of a molehill. Good people have been hurt and slandered, and itís time
for someone to say STOP. This is not of G-d. This is of our enemy who seeks to divide and conquer us.
I will not sit idly by and watch him get away with it.

May the Most High have mercy upon you, Kathryn.  Be sure that I am praying for you.
To all others,..Thank you for your time in reading this.
I bid you Shalom.

Linda Riggs
Member, Mishkan HaMelekh and MBI Yeshiva Student. Virginia

Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai (Blessed is He who comes in the name of
the L-rd)

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