MBI Policy

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MBI Yeshiva is a wholly owned auxiliary of Messianic Bureau International (MBI), a constituted religious
association in Virginia with Federal Employment Identification Number 54-1937393.

MBI Yeshiva is solely instituted to provide religious training and theological education. The certificates, diplomas and degrees of MBI Yeshiva are awarded only for religious purposes and worded and titled plainly to indicate it.

MBI Yeshiva awards only Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees that are in either Messianic Studies or Rabbinic Studies. We award no "arts" or "sciences" or any other degree not approved for religious education in Virginia. As such MBI Yeshiva is exempt from the provisions of Chapter 21 of the Code of Virginia to the extent provided by subsection A of Section 23-66, and thereby MBI Yeshiva is in full accordance with the Code of Virginia and the regulations of the Virginia Council of Higher Education. MBI Yeshiva is registered with the Virginia Council of Higher Education.

Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva does not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, race, color, or
national or ethnic origin.

It is the practice of MBI Yeshiva to hold all records of students in confidence. Detailed information about any student will not be released to a third party without the express written consent of the student. MBI Yeshiva reserves the right to publically post a roster of students' names, their academic goals, their state or provincial living areas, the courses taken, and their general status in the Yeshiva. No course grades will be publically posted.

MBI Yeshiva may contact Yeshiva students using either e-mail, postal mail, or telephone as the case may be. Contacts may be made only by authorized officials of the Yeshiva and for the purposes only of Yeshiva
business. The e-mail list of the student body is the sole property of MBI Yeshiva. Forwarding of e-mail,
reverse-engineering, copying the Yeshiva e-mail list or any other use of the e-mail list by anyone other than the MBI Yeshiva officers is prohibited. No student may contact another student by any means without the express consent of the student to be contacted.

MBI Yeshiva reserves the right to change fees without notice. Courses, requirments or any policies may be
changed with posting on this site.

MBI Yeshiva makes no claims, promises or implied warranty regarding the value of our services, whether for training, vocational preparation, job attainment or academic accreditation. It is up to the student to determine the validity of credits earned through MBI Yeshiva courses. Each academic institution and/or each state determines their own guidelines for transferrable credits. MBI Yeshiva cannot determine whether or not a given school will recognize Yeshiva credits. The only contract, and no other implied, which MBI Yeshiva enters into with the student, is to provide transcripted course credit for tuition paid. By applying to MBI Yeshiva the student agrees to hold MBI Yeshiva blameless and not liable for failing any possible expectation of the student concerning participation in MBI Yeshiva. Any student who submits an application for admission to MBI Yeshiva agrees to the policy of the Yeshiva as listed here.