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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 20:06:37 -0500
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Shalom b'YHWH
Linda, you may feel that this is mis-information, but the Dept. of Higher Education of Virginia was on the
phone with me and was looking at the MBI Yeshiva pages. It was the dept. head that pointed out to me
that MBI could not list that they were accredited because Transworld Accrediting Commission was not a
legitimate accrediting organization.

I am getting the e-mail from them, stating such, as well as one from the Council for Higher Education

In the meantime, I forgot to put up the information by Steve Levicoff, on the Transworld Accrediting
Commission. It is up at my site now.
You can see that 4 different diploma mills also used Transworld and Steves research proved that it was a
bogus accreditation organization, just as the Virginia Dept. of Higher Education informed me.

Now a person could claim that they did not know that Transworld was not legitimate, and the benefit of
doubt could be given, but the fact that several faculty members all have degrees from several diploma
mills, tends to lean in the direction that knowledge of the illegitimate accrediting was known and fraud
has been perpetuated. Shalom, Kathryn

Linda wrote:

> This is a case of mis-direction and mis information. No religious school is "state accredited" by Virginia due to
separation of Church and State laws.  How can they say that a course in "Messianic Theology" is accredited?  They know
this and thus issue exemptions, as MBI Yeshiva has. The organization we are accredited with is perfectly bonafide, just at
the low scale, once again because unless we are secular (offering arts/sciences) we cannot get the highest accreditation.
> On Sun, 27 August 2000, purnhrt wrote:
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> > Shalom b'YHWH
> > <br>To the Assembly, I have several issues that I need to address. Some
> > are updates, like the finding of the mysterious Don De Cordova (who has
> > been in the messianic community all the time) that illegally issued a false
> > doctorate to James Trimm. Other issues are connected with that finding.
> > And then, there is the overall situation, which I have to agree with an
> > e-mail sent a few days ago, this is a scandal. I cannot begin to tell you
> > how grieved and disgusted I am, at what all has been revealed in these
> > last two months.
> > <p>I have received a number of e-mails from others, expressing the same
> > questions that I have wondered about. It has been nearly 2 months since
> > this situation first began, has justice been done? No. . I made my first
> > appeals to the SANJ&nbsp; Beit Din. After not receiving one response from
> > them, I took this matter and presented it to the Beyth YHWH. What I did
> > and why I did it was based on an account in Shoftiym [Judges].
> > <p>Shoftiym recounts the history of a Lewiy man that had his concubine
> > raped by some evil men of Benyamin, who wanted him instead. The owner of
> > the house they were staying at, even offered to send out his virgin daughter,
> > but the men wanted the Lewiy. After being abused all night,&nbsp; the concubine
> > crawls to the door and dies. The Lewiy takes her body and takes it home.
> > He cuts it up into 12 pieces and sends one piece to each of the tribes
> > of Yisrael. The tribes said that there had never been seen the like of
> > this since they came up out of Mitsrayim. They gathered together and ask
> > what happened. The Lewiy recounts the events. They decide to go up and
> > get the evil men that were responsible. Benyamin refuses to turn over the
> > men responsible. So then a war breaks out against Benyamin and the other
> > tribes of Yisrael. Benyamin was almost wiped out. Only 600 men survived.
> > All the women and children had been killed. All because they sought to
> > protect men who had done something unrighteous. Do not mistake my relating
> > this history. I am in no way saying that James is a rapist or a sodomite.
> > I am relating the unrighteousness and the plea for justice.
> > <p>I took these matters and I cut them up and sent them to hundreds of
> > e-mail addresses, mostly congregation leaders. I asked for these people
> > to review the evidence of several situations. I asked for justice in these
> > matters. Since that plea, James Trimm and others of his Beit Din, have
> > had several opportunities to make this right, to issue the necessary apologies,
> > and take responsibility for their unrighteous actions. Instead of doing
> > so, they have made matters worse and more sin has been revealed.
> > <p>Shemoth [Exodus] 20:16, "You will not answer against another person
> > a deceptive (sheqer) witness."
> > <br>Shaqar - to lie, deceive, deal falsely.
> > <p>HaDebariym [Deut.] 19:18-20, "And the judges will seek well, and look
> > a deceptive witness, the witness of deception has answered against his
> > brother. Then you will do to him as he devised to do to his brother; and
> > you will remove (burn away) the evil from your midst. And those remaining
> > will hear and fear, and will not add to do again any speech, as this, among
> > you."
> > <p>I am not seeing much fear of YHWH. I am seeing lawlessness.
> > <p>Yet this is what James Trimm did repeatedly and some of the members
> > of his Beit Din. Not only has this been proven, but James Trimm's posts
> > about the BoM, have been proven. Yet he has not taken responsibility for
> > that as well. He excused it with his doctorate, which has been proven to
> > be a fraud. Not only did he defraud people with his education, but he was
> > illegally running a yeshiva that was defrauding others of a legitimate
> > education. And so it goes on. I know that I cannot reach all people and
> > will not be able to persuade all people of the unrighteous actions of this
> > man and those connected with him, but there has to be an accountability
> > and it cannot be ignored. How long does it take to receive justice?
> > <p>As to what is going on with the majority of the leaders, I do not know.
> > I would have hoped that those that claimed to be leaders would have risen
> > up and called these men to accountability. Most of the responses that I
> > have received, have been from individuals. They have reviewed all the evidence
> > and they have seen that James Trimm and this Beit Din have acted unrighteously.
> > They have had the courage to say so, to unsubscribe from lists, not have
> > anything more to do with SANJ. These people have also seen, what they perceive,
> > to be inactivity or apathy of leadership to do anything about it, a lack
> > of accountability. They also have questions about who all is connected.
> > Some are asking if this has any connection with FFOZ. Probably due to the
> > fact that Boaz Michael was a speaker at the SANJ conference in Denver,
> > this June, and his father Michael Detwiler is the Av of James Trimm's Beit
> > Din and vice-president of SANJ . In an e-mail from someone that attended
> > the SANJ conference, a subject came up, "<b><font color="#0000FF">First
> > Fruits of Zion's head guru, Detwiler's son Boaz Michael, came and derided
> > the group for calling themselves by the term "torah observant" instead
> > of using what I consider to be the more nauseating term, "torah submissive"
> > and also encouraged us to not say people MUST keep the Torah, but rather
> > that it is a blessing to do so but we don't have to.</font><font color="#000000">"
> > </font></b><font color="#000000">This
> > very subject seems to be a major contention right now. I do not know all
> > the ins and outs of who is connected and what is being excused or hidden,
> > but the more I have seen, as in the case of who is Bishop Don De Cordova,
> > the more I suspect that some of the inactivity by some leaders is due to
> > butt covering. Pardon my being blunt.</font>
> > <p><font color="#000000">Part of this has to do with the credentials of
> > some of the leaders. I have found that James Trimm's doctorate is false
> > and illegally issued. He has yet to provide any background information
> > of his previous education, such as where he got his masters or his bachelors.
> > He has yet to prove any of his claims that he is even Jewish, and eveyone
> > seems to have a Jewish, maternal grandmother these days. James Trimm uses
> > this to promote his sectarianism and elitism, not only with his teachings,
> > but even among his own Beit Din. This seems to be not localized to James
> > Trimm. I have gotten e-mails about others with bogus Rabbinates and education.
> > I have some questions. How does this look for the Messianic community to
> > have fraudulent credentials? How can you expect the Jewish community to
> > take Mashiyach seriously when the messenger is a fraud? They know the work
> > necessary to get a Rabbinate from their yeshivas. How can you expect the
> > Goyim to take you seriously when you tell them that they are following
> > deceptive practices, when some are deceptive about their education and
> > training, not to mention their ethnicity? How can scholars take you seriously
> > when they have extensive training and know what is necessary to get degrees
> > and can easily discern that a number of these so called degrees are frauds
> > and these men do not have the education they claim? What kind of example
> > is this that leaders are setting? It certainly is not righteousness to
> > lie and deceive, to steal from each other. I can think of nothing else
> > to say, but to get your house in order. These actions are making a mockery
> > of the Messianic community. But most of all, it dishonors YHWH and Yahusha`.</font>
> > <p><font color="#000000">Which brings me to the Bishop Don De Cordova.
> > I was sent an e-mail from someone. They sent a link to a site and suggested
> > that a man there might be Don De Cordova. That was it. So I spent some
> > time at the site and did some net searches of the name, checked into the
> > credentials listed. All the information is at my site of what all I checked
> > out and what I found. Bishop Don De Cordova is Don B. Hargis, the brother
> > of David Hargis of MBI. Both are listed as faculty members of their MBI
> > Yeshiva. Now, Virginia has a religious exemption, which MBI has, so they
> > are allowed to issue religious degrees. But the Dept. of Higher Education
> > told me that they do not meet state standards and their degrees are worthless.
> > MBI also says they have accrediting, but the accreditation organization
> > they list is a fraud and does not meet government standards. Therefore
> > they are not accredited. And this is not the only online diploma mill they
> > are involved in. They are also, along with several other of their faculty
> > members, listed as faculty members for Mountain West Hebrew University,
> > based in Provo, Utah. I contacted the states Dept. of Higher Education
> > and that university is not licensed, they do not have religious exemption
> > and they are not accredited and the state is now dealing with it. The full
> > information of all this sordid mess, is at the site. Now that is three
> > diploma mills that Don Hargis/De Cordova is involved with, two of them
> > being illegal.</font>
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> > <br><font color="#000000"><a href="">
> Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai (Blessed is He who comes in the name of
> the L-rd)
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