Transworld Accrediting Commission

Name It and Frame It by Steve Levicoff

Under Caribbean College of the Bible International
“The American program claims accreditation from the Transworld Accrediting Commission, an accrediting mill formerly located at the same address as Evangel Christian University (also listed in this chapter).”

Under Evangel Bible Institute
“ ‘accredited by the Transworld Accrediting Commission (TAC), the highest rating.’ What they don't tell you is that the Transworld Commission was, at one time, headquartered at the same address as the school itself.”

“N.B.    Here's some additional background on the Transworld Accrediting Commission . . . This accrediting mill, which was located at the same address in Monroe, Louisiana, as Evangel Christian University of America and the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, has moved to 509 E. Ashley Street, Siloam Springs, AR 72761-2747, tel. (501) 524-8661. The new president of TAC is Dalton Weber, who has taken over from Henry A. Harbuck, who is also president of EUCA and AEGA. In response to an inquiry, Transworld noted that they do not release a list of their accredited institutions, but provided the names of Evangel Christian University and the Southern California Theological Seminary (also listed in this chapter). Keep in mind that any accrediting association that refuses to release a list of the schools they accredit is a sham.”

Under School of Bible Theology
“Their eighteen-page catalog lists neither course descriptions nor the source of their faculty's credentials, and they claim accreditation from two bogus accreditors, the Accrediting Commission International and the Transworld Accrediting Commission.”

Under Southern California Theological Seminary
“Claiming accreditation from the bogus Transworld Accrediting Commission,…”