Thanks for your interest in MBI Yeshiva.

 In September 2000 Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva received letters
 from both the Virginia Council of Higher Education and the Florida
 State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities. These letters
 expressed concern over a few statements which were on this web site
 about accreditation, which they felt were mis-leading statements.

 MBI Yeshiva immediately audited these statements and agreed there
 was need for correction. The corrections have been made. In our view
 the few statements in question were transcription oversights without
 intent to mis-lead.

 In one instance the phrase was used, "We are on track to receive the
 highest accreditation for distance education." That has been changed
 to, "It is our goal to receive the highest accreditation for distance
 education." We also mis-spoke about the accreditation of such
 schools as Harvard, Yale and Yeshiva University. These schools are
 now accredited. We intended to refer to their beginnings and not to
 their present state, but the reference to their beginnings was
 inadvertantly omitted.

 Without arrogance MBI Yeshiva views itself somewhat in the
 position as these schools and others as they were upon their creation.
 Messianic Judaism is a new field to most. MBI Yeshiva is a pioneer in
 Messianic Jewish education. Messianic Jewish education is unique
 among academia. It is non-secular, so we cannot be accredited by
 secular agencies. We are quite different from traditional Chrisitan
 and Jewish schools, and that precludes us from accreditation through
 their agencies. It may be that secular, Christian and Jewish
 establishments all disagree with the faith of Messianic Judaism. This
 puts us in a difficult situation, but in good company. The early
 founders of religious faith and religious schools in this nation came
 here for the freedom to establish their institutions according to their
 own conscience. On this freedom we also stand.

 With few resources MBI Yeshiva is endeavoring to comply with
 every academic necessity. We will continue to be accountable
 without compromising our faith. In our present condition we cannot
 know every law of every state or every country concerning their
 educational standard. Therefore, we do not claim to offer any
 certification or accreditation beyond a Messianic Jewish education.

 As the leading academic institution of Messianic Judaism, MBI
 Yeshiva does not know who else can set the standard for our
 curriculum. Yet, we will continue to attempt to update the quality of
 our education.

 Work is under way, with MBI Yeshiva involvement, to set forth an
 Accrediting Commission for Messianic Judaism. This is will be made
 up of the member institutions, which will establish standards for
 curriculum and knowledge transmission.

 We welcome you to watch us carefully in the germination of this
 process. Our goal is to be the best conveyors of Messianic Jewish
 faith we can be.

 Official Board
 Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva