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                 From:  Luana Fabri <luana@f...>
                 Date:  Fri Jan 12, 2001 4:06pm
                 Subject:  Re: [nazarene] Netzarim/Ebionite Beyt Dins

                 The Netzarim Beit Din has been moved to a new Site

                 It is the same Beit Din. Yeshayahu is the Nasi, which leaves James more time in his
                 work with the SANJ. James is still a member of the Beit.

                 There are not two Beit Din's. The old info just hasn't been removed yet.


                 Stephen Silver wrote:

                  Shalom Khaverim:
                  Stephen Silver wrote:
                   Over the past two weeks, I have been aware of the fact, that the
                  "S.A.N.J. Beyt Din", is not alone. There is another "Beyt Din", at
                  "Teshuvah Gate".
                   Whereas James Trimm is the Nasi of the S.A.N.J. Beyt Din, Yeshayahu
                  Heiliczer is the Nasi of the "International Netzarim Beyt Din".
                    However, the members are the same, and James Trimm appears on the
                  "International Netzarim Beyt Din", that is found at "Teshuvah Gate".
                    Now I have a query, for the "members of both Beyt Dins".

                  1)Which "Statement of Beliefs", or "Statement of Faith", is to be used?
                  There are differences in the "two statements", important differences.

                  2)Is the Netzarim "Beyt Din", in a transition of belief system?
                  The important differences are:

                  S.A.N.J. Beyt Din

                  a)The Virgin Birth of Yahshua is affirmed.
                  b)The authority and inspiration, of the Ketuvim Netzarim/New Testament.
                  Scriptures, by the Ruakh HaKodesh, is affirmed.

                  Teshuvah Gate/Beyt Yeshua/International Netzarim Beyt Din

                  a)The Virgin Birth of Yahshua HaMashiakh, by the Ruakh HaKodesh, is not
                  b)The Ketuvim Netzarim/New Testament Scriptures is reduced in authority
                  to the status of "Mishnah/Oral Tradition". (I am not sure of a better
                  word, than Oral Tradition, in this case). Coupled with this "down-grade"
                  of Ketuvim Netzarim, from the S.A.N.J. affirmation of "inspired by the
                  Ruakh HaKodesh", is the "elevation" of the Ketuvim HaKhakhamim/Writings
                  of the Sages, to the level of "spiritual inspiration".


                  S.A.N.J. Beyt Din

                  Statement of Faith
                  Teshuvah Gate

                  International Netzarim Beyt Din

                  Statement of Beliefs
                  These are very different "Statements of Faith/Belief". Do you believe
                  "both", or are you in "transition", from one to the other?

                   The belief system, represented by S.A.N.J. is truly Netzarim Judaism.
                  The belief system of Teshuvah Gate, is more Ebionite, in structure and
                  belief. Is this intentional? Do you see the difference? Does this matter
                  to you?

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