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                 From:  "Rabbi Yeshayahu Heiliczer" <reb@t...>
                 Date:  Fri Jan 12, 2001 1:03pm
                 Subject:  RE: [nazarene] Netzarim/Ebionite Beyt Dins

                 The Beit Din which was associated with SANJ has become a separate entity under
                 a new organization called the "International Board of Netzarim."

                 The old Beit Din associated with SANJ has been discontinued.

                 I have been appointed the Nasi/President by the other members.

                 By the way, the Beit Din web site is not at Teshuvah Gate, it has its own

                 > 1)Which "Statement of Beliefs", or "Statement of Faith", is to be used?
                 > There are differences in the "two statements", important differences.

                 The Statement of Beliefs of the new Beit Din are the beliefs of the Beit Din,
                 the old Statement of Beliefs is that of SANJ.

                 > 2)Is the Netzarim "Beyt Din", in a transition of belief system?
                 > The important differences are:
                 > S.A.N.J. Beyt Din
                 > a)The Virgin Birth of Yahshua is affirmed.
                 > b)The authority and inspiration, of the Ketuvim Netzarim/New Testament.
                 > Scriptures, by the Ruakh HaKodesh, is affirmed.
                 > Teshuvah Gate/Beyt Yeshua/International Netzarim Beyt Din
                 > a)The Virgin Birth of Yahshua HaMashiakh, by the Ruakh HaKodesh, is not
                 > affirmed.

                 The "Virgin Birth" is also not denied. It is currently considered a belief
                 which should not divide Netzarim. It may eventually be considered not a
                 salvation issue, and therefore it is not necessary to be in the SOB.

                 > b)The Ketuvim Netzarim/New Testament Scriptures is reduced in authority
                 > to the status of "Mishnah/Oral Tradition".

                 The Ketuvim Netzarim is placed in a position of 4th in level of inspiration: 1)
                 Torah, 2) Prophets, 3) Writings, 4) Netzarim 5) Sages.

                 Please be more specific about your comparison of our SOB with Ebionites.

                 Yeshayahu Heiliczer
                 This list provided by SANJ sponsors:
                 SANJ is a non-profit organization

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