E-mail sent out, as to whether or not James Trimm is Jewish


Shalom b'YHWH
To those that believe that truth and righteousness matter, As I have stated before, I have been looking
into the situation of whether or not James Trimm, the founder of the Society for the Advancement of
Nazarene Judaism and President of that organization, as well as the Nasi of his Beit Din, was Jewish by
birth. I personally did not believe so. But like everything else, I need proof before I make a public
statement of such. Unlike James' slander of Mrs. H (which I proved that she did not lie or
slander about James being Rabbi Yosef) and his slander calling me an anti-semite (which I am not). So
that is what I have been working on for the last, several weeks. But seeing how James works, I also
needed the proof that he claimed to be Jewish, so that he could not backpedal and say that he never
stated that he was and could not help it if people just assumed he was. Since he denied being Rabbi
Yosef, this was not an improbability.  James also deleted several forum archives, to hide the evidence of
Rabbi Yosef. So I knew I had to get the posts before I made my statement, so that posts wouldnt
disappear after the fact. Since I have never researched a family line before, it took awhile to learn where
to look.  I also had to look through thousands of posts, at numerous forums, for 3 years worth,  for the
Jewish claims. But I wanted to be thorough and have two or three witnesses, where James himself
claimed to be Jewish. Here they are.

Jewish Claims Posts

"Losttribes forum
Post 1501

               From: James Trimm  <jstrimm@s...>
               Date: Thu Feb 11, 1999 9:21am
               Subject: Re: Stupid Topic!


                       First of all let me start by clarifying that myself and Avi are
               both Jewish and did not accept Messiah until we were adults (previously
               being within Rabbinic Judaism).

                       Now to establish that we are dealing with some factual material and
               not conjecture:

                       Currently, in Jerusalem, Yochanan Hulley [an Orthodox Jew] is
                       producing some highly noteworth research which demonstrates
                       on the most scholarly level that millions of our Anglo-Saxon-Celtic
                       peoples... are indeed from these [lost ten] tribes.  This is not the
                       so-called "Anglo-Israel" theory of many racist groups.  This is
                       hard-core historical research as to where these tribes actually
                       (Dr. James Tabor, Professor, Univ. North Carolina)

               Thats right, serious scholars are now claiming that this migration happened
               as a pure matter of history.  Jewish scholars in Israel have led the way in
               this research.

               Some of Hulley's research was published in the Jewish scholarly Journal in
               Israel B'Or Ha'Torah 6 (1987).

               Another Orthodox Jewish scholar, Yair Davidy of Israel has published three
               books full of documented proof of these migrations:

                       THE TRIBES

                       LOST ISRAELITE IDENTITY

               each has Rabbinical aprobation from Rabbi Avraham Feld of Jerusalem.
               Davidy also publishes a Journal called "The Tribesman".

               The following are Rabbinic organizations which claim that the Lost Ten
               Tribes migrated into western Europe to become Eropeans:

                       Brit-Am Israel (Yair Davidy and Rabbi Avraham Feld)
                       Box 595
                       Jerusalem, 91004

                       United Israel
                       Box 345
                       Lenoir, NC 28645

                       United Israel World Union (Rabbi Horowitz)
                       1123 Broadway
                       New York, NY 10010

               I also find compelling the clear fact that prophecy is clear that the
               Messiah will reunite the two Houses of Israel, making it clear that the
               House of Judah (us Jews) and the House of Israel (Western European-
               Anglo-Saxon-Celts?) must be seperate non-united bodies now.

               James Trimm "


"Book of Mormon Truth Forum
Post 1705

               From: James Trimm  <jstrimm@h...>
               Date: Mon Aug 14, 2000 5:18pm
               Subject: Re: Hidden Agendas

               I would like to begin by apologizing if I have said anything that offended

               I am a Jew who came to believe that Yeshua ("Jesus") was/is the Messiah of
               and my saviour.  That is where I am at.  I accept the Tanak (Old Testament)
               and the Ketuvim Netzarim (New Testament) as true.  I have also studied the
               BoM for many years and found a great deal of truth in it and although I
               cannot say for certain that the BoM is true I will say that there is
               certainly a good deal of truth in it.

               Now because of my Jewish background and acceptance of Yeshua I have been
               asked many times by many people to research the BoM.  Having studied the
               BoM I have found a great deal of truth in it.  It has been my desire to
               teach that truth to Book of Mormon believers from a Jewish perspective (see
               2Ne. 25:5).   This I believed would be mutually benificial.  It would help
               me as I continue to study the BoM myself and based on 2Ne. 25:5 it would
               seem to be helpful to Book of Mormon believers as well.

               Now there are forces out there who DO NOT WANT ME TEACHING THIS TRUTH.

               There are people out there who actually run around minitoring me like a
               full-time job.

               These people lie in wait until I say something that they think they can use
               to "prove" that I believe that the BoM is true and then use that to "expose
               me" and discredit me with the mainline public claiming that I secretly
               believe that the BoM is true.

               Believe it or not these SAME people monitor me to catch me saying something
               that can be used the "prove" that I do NOT believe the BoM is true and then
               they use THAT to "expose me" and discredit me with BoM believers.

               Personally I am sick of it and will not play their little game.  The only
               purpose of their efforts is to keep me from teaching the truth.  They wish
               to keep me from teaching the truth of the New Testament from a Jewish
               perspective to non-BoM-believers by supposedly exposing me as a heretic
               that believes in the BoM.  They also wish to keep me from teaching the
               truth that is in the BoM from a Jewish perspective to BoM believers by
               exposing me as a person who rejects the BoM.

               Many of these people are actually anti-Semites and their real goal is to
               prevent the truth from being taught from a Jewish perspective.

               And these people have put me under pressure to divert the issue from
               teaching truth
               and to take one side or the other for or against the BoM.

               Now I admit that I have said many things which could be percieved as
               indicating that I believe that the BoM is true.  I also admit that I have
               said many things which could be percieved as indicating that I think the
               BoM is not true.

               I will simply say that I am studying the BoM in depth and while I cannot
               say that the BoM is true I will say that it contains a great deal of truth
               and that I am open to teaching that truth from a Jewish perspective to
               anyone who wishes to learn a Jewish perspective on these truths.

               So will these people shut me up or will we continue to seek the truth that
               is in the BoM?

               One thing I wish to address.  It was said of me:

               >will also notice the denial of Jesus Christas Lord and Savior, calling
               >Christianity Pagan.

               I fail to see how one follows the other.  "Christianity" is a new religion
               founded no EARLIER that 2,000 years ago.  It resulted from an attempt to
               mix the Torah based Judaism which Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah (Christ)
               taught with the Pagan Babylonian religion of Easter etc.
               This is detailed in 1 Nephi 13:19-29.    Then 1Nephi 14:10 says:

                       14:10 And he saith unto me,
                       Behold, there is, save it be, two churches:
                       the one is the church of the Lamb of God,
                       and the other is the church of the Devil;
                       wherefore. whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God,
                       belongeth to that great church,
                       which is the mother of abominations;
                       and she is the whore of all the earth.
                       (1Nephi 14:10)

               These two churches seem to parallel the contrast between the original
               Jewish followers of Yeshua and the gentile Christian Church as shown in
               chapter 13.  The "church of the Devil" who is "the great whore" appears to
               be the church which gentilized the message in Chapter 13.

               > I'm sure you will find this post to be very
               >interesting, in understanding the tactics which are currently being used on
               >this list by Mr. Trimm to bring about this hidden agenda.

               I have no hidden agenda.  My only desire here is to seek out truth in the
               Book of Mormon.
               I believe that that truth includes the truth that Torah is the basis for
               our faith.

               Your brother in Yeshua the Messiah,


               Study Torah with SANJ Mitvah Club

                    Message 1705 of 2569 "

While I was looking for a third source, I took a break and called Fern Brooks. Fern Brooks is James
Trimm's mother, who had remarried after James Harold Trimm died in 1984. I did not know her last
name, at that time and Herman Trimm, James uncle, did not remember her last name when he gave me
her phone number and suggested I call her. He thought she had more information about the family line
than he knew. I already had the family line traced to four generations beyond James Scott Trimm, when I
called Herman for confirmation of what I already had, which he did confirm.

When I phoned Fern Brooks, I introduced myself to her and apologized for having to use her first name,
since I didnt know her last and told her right away where I was from and that I was doing some
geneaology research to see if James Scott Trimm was born Jewish as he had claimed on several forums. I
explained that I got started looking into this as a result of a slander accusation and that James had then
called me an anti-semite. I told her that I wanted to be upfront with her and that I did not want her to
think that I was being deceptive or anything in the questions that I wanted to ask. She did not have to talk
with me if she did not want to. And I made sure that I had a witness to the phone call, so that no one
could claim that I had done otherwise. I dont need to lie or hide anything. I tell all the Orthodox Rabbi's
who I am and what I believe, when I have been checking into things. I have told Mark Powers of Jews for
Judaism, who I am and what I believe (he had some information that ties into a false conversion that I
have been investigating). I dont need to hide or lie to find the truth. I wouldnt even lie to procure a copy
of a birth certificate and was so proud of my daughter, when it was suggested that I just say that I was a
relative; as I was opening my mouth to explain to the person that I could not lie, she told them that I
could not lie because of my belief in YHWH . With that said, I will show you James e-mail from this
evening, which will provide the third witness to his claming to be Jewish. Thank you James for saving me
time. Then, I will explain the rest of the call to refute some more of James lies. Then, I will show the proof
that James Trimm is not Jewish as he claims.

James Trimm's e-mail

Subject: Kathryn Continues
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 19:22:07 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Trimm <jstrimm@home.com>
To: jstrimm@home.com


Well I just got a call from my mom who has Alzheimer's disease.  She was very confused and had just
gotten a call from a "Kathryn Olen<something>" grom Austin, Texas.

This woman Kathryn at first pretended to have an interest in geneology (my mother had been a
geneologist) but then started asking some very strange questions and asking a lot about me and my
geneology.  My mother then realized that this woman had been misleadeing her. Moreover she says this
was about 30 min. into the phone call and my mother was very confused.

First off my Jewish ancestory comes thru my father's side (there may be
some on my mother's side but it is not confirmed).   The ancestory comes from the Vinyard (pronounced
in German "Weinert" family.  They imigrated here from Germany.  They were short and had dark hair
and brown eyes, a Jewish last name (Weiner/Weinert/Vinyard).  As I recall one of their grandchildren
was named "Rhoda" ( a very common Jewish name).  There was another German Jewish family in my
father's background named "Nix".

I was raised in a fairly secular home.  When I was 14 I started going to Synagogue (Ahavat Shalom
Congregation in Ft Worth) on my own.  Many people thought from my appearance that I was Jewish, in
fact I looked just like the tailer in fidler on the roof.  Knowing my mother was a geneologist I got together
with her and shook the family tree.  I was not surprised to see some Jews fall out.   As I said this is when I
was just 14.  I continued in Rabbinic Judaism through the rest of my childhood until I was 18.  It was not
until that time that I acccepted Yeshua as Messiah (in fact I believe I was alomst 19).  Up until that time
Rabbinic Judaism was the only religion I had ever known.

I am not sure what my mother told Kathryn.  My mother as I said was confused and has Alzheimer's
disease.  When I spoke with her a few minutes ago to "brush up" on the material above she could not
remember it and said she would try to dig up the charts.  I have a chart I made years ago from hers but
cannot put my fingers on it.  At any rate an inerview with my mother is of VERY limited value due to her

At any rate Judaism is the only religion I have ever knoiwn and I do have Jewish ancestory.  Moreover
my wife of ten years is Jewish on her mother's side and is the grand daughter (her mother's mother) of a
holacaust survivor from Germany.   Together we have three children who are also Jewish.

Now if the International Nazarene Beit-Din were ever to determine that I do not fit the criteria and am not
Jewish, then I will gladly fulfil a conversion.  However I do not personally feel the need for this since
Judaism is the only religion I have ever had goin back to childhood, I have Jewish ancestors, and my wife
and children are Jewish.

James Trimm

Study Torah with SANJ Mitvah Club

First off, this last e-mail from James, is about damage control. See, I am not the only one looking into his
claims to being born Jewish. I have received a number of e-mails, some from people of various Jewish
sects, who had been referred to my web site, asking questions to verify information. For the Jewish
community, this is very serious. To me and I would hope to others, this is also very serious. I feel this lie,
is the foundation of all his others.

Fern Brooks never stated that she had Alzheimers. I would not have even thought so from her
conversation. She was very coherent and remembered things very well and quickly and gave great detail
about some of her recollections. I wonder if she knows that James is saying she is confused and has
Alzheimers. At any rate, I never pretended to have an interest in geneaology and then start asking strange
questions. Right off the bat I idenitfied myself and explained why I was calling and why I began
investigating James Scott Trimm. I told her that I was not trying to dig up any dirt on their family, I just
wanted to know the ethnicities and if any family members were Jewish. I asked if she was willing to
confirm the information I had on the Trimm's, since Herman thought that she might know more than he. I
read all the family lines off and she confirmed them, just as Herman did. She even said that I had a few
pieces of information that she did not and asked me to repeat them and sounded like she was writing it
down. She explained that she has tons of information on the family and has been doing geneaology for
over 50 years. She said I could call again, if I needed any more information and she could check her
stacks of papers that she had on all of this. BTW, the phone call was about 40 minutes.

She also stated, when I mentioned the Jewish claim, that they were not Jewish, neither her side, which is
Irish, nor James Harold Trim's side (James' father, and he only has one m), which is also Irish. She said
that she did not know much about his "Judaism stuff", that they dont talk much about it, that they were
raised Christian, but that she knew he had been doing this for a number of years, recently. When I asked
if he was raised Jewish, she said no, that he got into that later. When I asked if they had ever attended a
synagogue or shul, she said no. When I asked if James had had a Bar Mitsvah when he was younger, she
said no. I didnt ask about the circumcision, I forgot.  She repeated that she was not aware of any of James
doings, concerning SANJ or the Beit Din or anything else, but that she knew he had become interested in
Judaism, when he was older and she kept out of it. This woman was not confused in any of her
information, her family line or the Trim's line. She may be confused why her son is telling people that he
is born and raised as a Jew, when he is not.

All the following information I found or acquired by going through net records, the Tarrant County
Appraisal District, the Texas State Archives Library in Austin, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper,
the Clarksville Times newspaper, the Fort Worth phone book, various obituaries, county clerk records for
Red River County, Collvins Cemetery records, Avery Cemetery records and several phone calls to
relatives of the Tisdales, Collvins and Trim's in Avery, Texas. When I got to the 3rd generation, I got
stumped and couldnt get the fourth, so I enlisted the help of a professional geneaologist to find the last 2
generations. He gave me the census records, the cemetery records, which confirmed what I found by
calling up to Avery and talking with the woman that runs the cemetery.

Family Line

James Scott Trimm was born on 2-16-1966, in Tarrant Co, Fort Worth, Texas, Harris Hospital.
James Scott Trimm was born to James Harold Trim and Fern McKinney Trim.

Fern McKinney was born on 12-17-1931, in Avery, Texas, Red River County.
James Harold Trim was born on 1-9-1929, in Avery, Texas, Red River County; died on 4-16-1984.
The funeral was at the Lucas Hurst Chapel and was officiated by the Rev. Jim Collie.
He was buried in the Avery Cemetery, in Avery,Texas, in the Tisdale (his mothers) family plot.

James Harold Trim was born to Ina R. Tisdale Trim and Vester E. Trim.
Ina R. Tisdale Trim was born in Red River County, Texas, in 1906 and died in 1964. She is buried in the
Avery Cemetery, in the Tisdale family plot. Her father was John Thomas Tisdale.
Vester E. Trim was born in Red River County, Texas, in 1905 and died in 1934. He is buried in the Avery
Cemetary in the Tisdale family plot.
James Harold Trim has two surviving brothers, Herman E. Trimm and Joe W. Trimm and a sister Mary R.

Vester E. Trimm was born to Rhoda Ardella Collvins Trim and Eliga D. Trim.
Rhoda Ardella Collvins Trim was born in Red River County, Texas, in 10-18-1874. She died 9-22-1954 and
was buried at the Collvins Cemetery, owned by the Missionary Baptist Church. The funeral service was
at the Avery Baptist Church and was officiated by the Rev. R.T. Stevens. Rhoda Ardella Collvins was
born to A. W. Collvins.
Eliga D. Trim was born in Arkansas, in 12-27-1861. He married Rhoda Ardella Collvins in Red River
County, Texas on 12-1898. He died 4-3-1939 and is buried at the Collvins Cemetery.

Eliga D. Trim was born to Catherine and Elijah Trim from Tennessee. Herman Trimm said that Elijah was
from a town between Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains, but he couldnt remember the name of the

The relatives of Rhoda Collvins Trim and Ina Tisdale Trim, both stated that they were Irish and there
were no Jewish relatives in the family. This was also confimed by Herman Trimm, when  spoke with him
to confirm the family line that I had.

Herman explained why some of the Trim family had one "m" and others two. His uncle, Morris Trimm,
Vesters younger brother, was an educator. He determined that the Trim name should have 2 m's. So
Morris Trimm had two and when he was teaching, he told the Trim boys, of which Herman was one, that
they should have 2 m's. So James Harold,  Herman and Joe, all had 2 m's. The reason that James Harold
had to use the one m, was because of his work in the military requiring security clearance and needing a
birth certificate, which showed the one m.

James Scott Trimm is not Jewish, but Irish, from his mothers side and his fathers side. He has lied about
his birth ethnicity and being raised in Rabbinical Judaism. When I was checking on Rabbi Herbert Gilner,
one of James Trimm's references to his fraudulent doctorate, I called all the Synagogues and Shuls, in the
Fort Worth, Arlington and suburb areas, as well as the Jewish Community Center. I also called in Dallas.
None of them knew of or had registered as a member or any record of, a James Scott Trimm or his family.
And Congregation Ahavath Shalom was one of those. I double checked with Ahavath this morning and
they have no record of him there, in 1980+ as he stated, nor at the Hebrew School, nor among those that
were confirmed. No one that was there at that time,  remembers him. I do know, from the calls to the
congregations in that area, that James had attended a Messianic congregation, in Fort Worth, around 1990.

Now, not only has James Trimm lied about the Rabbi Yosef situation and lied and slandered Mrs. H

in the process, but his Beit Din made a formal disaccomidation of the H's,
as a result. When I wrote to the Beit Din members, formally asking what the requirements were to be a
voting Beit Din member, this is the reply I got back from  Steve "Yeshayahu" Heiliczer.

Beit Din Requirements

"Subject: RE: Beit Din decision
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 13:46:40 -0400
From: "Rabbi Yeshayahu Heiliczer" <reb@teshuvah.com>
To: "purnhrt" <purnhrt@flash.net>, <jstrimm@home.com>, <mijoy@worldnet.att.net>,

1. A Nazarene is a Jew, either natural or converted, who believes in, supports, and lives his or her life
according to the Statement of Faith duly established by this Beit Din.

2. In no way shall the opportunities in Torah or the Nazarene community for a ger toshav be restricted
the exception of the position of member in the Nazarene Beit Din.  A person may remain a gentile and
not be considered "second class" or less important within the community.  We understand that YHVH
would view a gentile who has accepted Yahshua as Messiah and walks submitted to the Torah as
and privileged.  These gerim toshavim are welcome in our community, but are not considered Jews or

3 A member of the Nazarene Beit Din must be a Jew, either natural or converted according to standards
accepted by this Beit Din. "

Now last fall, Mikha'el Calpino was dropped from the Beit Din, as a voting member, and made a Friend
of the Court, because he was not Jewish by birth or by conversion. He never lied about his ethnicity, nor
did he claim a false conversion to Judaism. James Trimm does not meet the standards of his own Beit Din
and neither does one other member, which I am waiting on a document for verification. Cecil Hartley,
who resigned this summer, was also not Jewish. So as I see it, the formal disaccomidation of the H's,
by the SANJ Beit Din, should be viewed null and void, since it had illegal votes. The H's are due a
public apology, since the disaccomidation was broadcast over the net. James Trimm should be removed
as Nasi of the SANJ Beit Din. And Mikha'el Calpino is also owed an apology for his removal (which
personally I think should be viewed as a blessing) for not being Jewish, when the Nasi and others were
not even Jewish. This truly is a mamzer Beit Din.

Now, aside from the situation with the Beit Din, James states in his e-mail, "Now if the International
Nazarene Beit-Din were ever to determine that I do not fit the criteria and am not Jewish, then I will
gladly fulfil a conversion.  However I do not personally feel the need for this since Judaism is the only
religion I have ever had goin back to childhood, I have Jewish ancestors, and my wife and children are
Jewish." James has repeatedly, over the years boasted of a birth that he does not have. He has set
standards that he insisted others bear. He made people to feel that they were second class citizens, if they
were not Jewish by birth. Now it is proven that he is not Jewish by birth and he does not feel it necessary
to make a formal "Nazarene" conversion because his wife is Jewish and his children are Jewish? What
does their being Jewish, if they are, have to do with him? NOTHING. Neither does his claiming to having
attended a Jewish congregation, which he didnt and believed in Rabbinical Judaism. James Trimm is a
hypocrite, a liar and a fraud. A conversion from a Beit Din that he created, that does not even hold to their
own standards, means nothing and would be worthless. And any conversions officiated by him are
worthless as well, since he cant give what he does not even have.

In the investigation of the other major Beit Din member, as soon as I receive the final confirmation of
information, I will update you on that situation as well. I hope that truth and righteousness are important
to those of you reading. I also hope that the seriousness of this situation, of deceptively claiming to be
Jewish, is made real to y'all. I had hoped that this season might have an effect on James Trimm and his
Beit Din, that repentance would be made, especially before Yom HaKippuriym. But it apparently was
not, and he continues, steadfast, in his lies, which is why I have continued to seek the truth. Shalom,