My letter to Beit Din Members about legal action

Subject: legal action
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 21:14:42 -0500
From: purnhrt <>

Shalom b'YHWH
To the members of the Beit Din, since my question of legal action was
not answered, I will have to assume the Beit Din and/or SANJ is making
this suit. In which case, since James Trimm has also mentioned this on a
forum, I am dealing with this seriously, and not just as Michael
bluffing. I wrote to the Beit Din, at the beginning of this situation
and stated that I sought justice through the assembly. That I would not
seek legal action unless that failed. Since you are seeking legal
action, I am sending the following names and addresses to my lawyer.

James Scott Trimm
348 Arcadia St.
Hurst, TX  76053

Michael Detwiler
4605 Lyndenwood Circle
Highlands Ranch, CO  80126

Eric Sanquist
8111 Stemmons Frwy-Lot #35
Lake Dallas, TX   75065

Steve Heiliczer
3010 StonyBook Drive
Bowie, Maryland  20715

Just in case you gentlemen, if I can call you that, are not aware, in
the state of Texas, in order to cut down on frivolous and unnecessary
lawsuits, the courts here require that the side that loses has to pay
the court costs and legal fees for the other party. In which case you
will have to pay mine, in addition to whatever the judge or jury decides
is fair compensation for my name and reputation. I have all the evidence
to prove my case and much more. Not just net documents and e-mails and
DNS numbers, but I have documents from the Department of Education, GED
office and the County Clerks office, universities, in my possession and
on their way in the mail. Amazing what 5 bucks will buy from public
records, when you do a criminal background check. And I was just looking
to see if there was any fraud involved. Also, in a legal case, they will
go to the servers and get the evidence I spoke of, dealing with the
posts. James can try and blow smoke in the eyes of people that dont
understand DNS numbers, but he wont be able to do that in a court of
law. I will have the law behind me.

I have also been referred to the Attorney Generals Office in 2 states.

Since this is the course of action that you have chosen, you must know
by now, that I do all that I say I will do. I do not bluff, lie or
deceive. I suggest you seriously consider if this is what you want to
do. Where I have tried every avenue available, within the assembly for
justice, and would have left the judicial courts as  last resort, not
wanting the assembly to be reproached for not being able to handle a
situation amongst themselves, I will defend myself in court, if that is
what it is coming to.

I will give you till tomorrow afternoon to decide and let me know.

Shalom, Kathryn

YHWH bless you and guard you. YHWH make His face to shine upon you and
show you favor. YHWH lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.