Subject: Re: bitter letter
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 17:06:06 -0700
From: Michael Detwiler <>
To: purnhrt <>
References: 1 , 2


As I read through ALL of the information posted below . .  it seemed almost overwhelming to me to even dissiminate. What starts where, who said what, etc.  What I can offer you is a sincere apology for my involvement in the hurtful and hateful situation that evolved between yourself, James Trimm, and the SANJ Beit Din, though, if you recall, from the beginning I urged James to apologize and put the matter to rest.

In my view, James Trimm has damaged you . . .  as I have discerned in my conversations with you that you are not
Anti-Semitic.  Also, I have changed my view of you in my initial correspondance . . . and I view you as a fervent sister who is zealous for the truth and cannot stand cover-ups and mis-information.

Also, in my view:

As these things began to unfold, I communicated with the Beit Din and with James to offer you a credible apology.  You did not receive this apology from him [them] and proceeded to expose error.  It was wrong that they did not attempt to offer a credible apology.

Regarding Yeshayahu Heilizcer, Baruch Grovenko, Adam Bernay, and Rob Clary . . . I cannot answer for them, nor do I know or understand the circumstances between yourself and them.  I desire to be left out of any discussions regarding them . . once again, I know nothing of the discussions that have evolved. I know Baruch, and consider him to be a friend. We have never discussed you.

Just to straighten out some facts- please do not compare me with Uri.  He and I are in no way similar.  In my
conversation with him in Jerusalem, he commented about his hatred of James Trimm.  I do not recall the conversation completely, however, I told him that you were one who had found unbelievable things out regarding James, and that I was truly amazed.  If you have heard something different than this from Uri, then he is a liar.  That's all.  If I told him "why" you were doing this it is what I perceived as the truth . . that you were accused by James of being Anti-Semitic and that you were offended by this and that as a result of James' insincere apology, you were finding facts that would discredit him and prove [in your words to me] "who the deceiver really is."

Leheetraot, akoti