DNS Matches

The following are DNS matches that match all four groups of numbers.

Here is an e-mail of James to the IsraeLight forum trying to explain away the DNS numbers. Like he didnt make a confession anyway. By the way, the legal stuff is on the Beit Din Page, and it wasnt legal phase and he couldnt talk, at the point of his writing this post. He just didnt want to have to answer.

 Israelight Post 1148

So here are some matches of ALL FOUR OCTETS for you James.

This one is major because it links three names to one complete string, the primary name being James Trimm.
 QNJT1          James Trimm Qodesh Name Forum
 EsseneJT2     James Trimm Essene Forum
 Post 22341    Steve Cohen  Nazarene Forum
 Post 2310     Yosef benYehudah (Rabbi Yosef), chofjclist forum
 Post 2581   James Trimm, chofjclist
 Post 2573   Yosef Liahona, chofjclist
 Post 2554  James Trimm, chofjclist
 Post 2555   Yosef Liahona, chofjclist
 Post 2546   James Trimm, chofjclist
 Post 2541   Yosef Liahona, chofjclist
 Post 2476   James Trimm, chofjclist
 Post 2478   Yosef Liahona, chofjclist
 Post 2257  Yosef benYehudah (Rabbi Yosef), chofjclist
 Post 2666   James Trimm, chofjclist

What makes it more difficult to match up Steve Cohen and Rabbi Yosef posts, is the lack of them. Also James Trimm was not posting to the nazarene forum much, when Steve Cohen was posting, so there are not many to match up. Likewise, there are not many matches between Yosef Liahona and Rabbi Yosef, because Rabbi Yosef left, just as Yosef Liahona was coming on the scene. The higher rate of Yosef Liahona and James Trimm are because they are posting at the same times. If you will notice, their posts are only a few away from each other, on the same forum.

So here are six sets of complete matches, connecting all the names together. I am not going to look for any more.