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Subject: [chofjclist] 3Ne. 14:23b LDS
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"...depart from me, ye that work iniquity." (3Ne. 14:23b LDS)

What does this mean?

The exact parallel to this passage is Mt. 7:23b

Now the word for "iniguity" in some translations of Mt. 7:23 is
why is this?

The Greek word for the KJV "iniquity" in Mt. 7:23b is ANOMOS.

In Greek NOMOS means "Law/Torah" and the A- prefix is a prefix meaning
thus Mt. 7:23b = 3Ne. 14:23b could be understood to mean literally:

"...depart from me, you that work without the Torah"

Is there another way to check to see if we are understanding this correctly?

Yes. This phrase is actually quoted from Psalm 6:9(8). The Septuagint
Greek translation
has ANOMOS in its Greek version of this Psalm.

Moreover Psalm 119:115 parallels Psalm 6:9(8). Psalm 119 is the longest
chapter of the Bible. It deals entirely with how wondeful the Torah is.
Psalm 119:115a parallels Psalm 6:9(8) and then Psalm 119:115b urges Torah
observance saying "I will keep the commandments of mt God."

So it is very clear that 3Nephi 14:23b indicates:

"...depart from me, you who work without the Torah"
refering back to Psalm 6:9(8) & 119:115



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