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               I had started presenting a study of the Book of Mormon through the Jewish
               New Testament commentary on the jewishbom list.

               However since it could touch on doctrinal issues that would spark debate
               here between various BoM sects and individuals on that list, and since I
               would like to keep that list free of such debates and center it only on the
               Jewishness of the BoM I have created a Messianic Jewish Book of Mormon list.
                 The Messianic BoM list is a sort of "Messianic Jewish Book of Mormon
               Discusion group".  Anyone may subscribe to it however.  Unlike the jewishbom
               list it will allow discussion of doctrinal issues especially from a Torah
               Observant Messianic perspective (including the perspective that the Mosaic
               Law is for today).

               To join the Messianic BoM list just send an email to:


               to send a message to the list send it to:


               To join the (non-denominational) Jewishness of the Book of Mormon list send
               an email to:


               to send a message to that list email

               Rabbi Yosef

               * The Jews do understand the things of the prophets,*
               * and there is none other people that understand the*
               * things which were spoken unto the Jews like unto  *
               * them, save it be that they are taught after the   *
               * manner of the things of the Jews. (2Ne. 25:5b)    *

               Jewishness of the Book of Mormon Website:
               Listservers: Jewishness of the Book of Mormon;
               Mormon Kabbalah & Book of Mormon Linguistics.