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The Nephites only started counting their years from the birth of Messiah.
They did not renumber their months and and offset their annual calendar.
They did the same thing in Israel and in the ancient world when they said
"it was in the first year of the reign of King ______". When that king
died halfway through a year they did not cut that year off at six months.
renumber their months and create a new years day on the day that his reign
began. They simply began numbering their years in reference to the year
that the king began his reign. The Nephites did the same think under their
kings and later under their Judges. In the same way they began counting
their years from the year of Messiah's birth. But they did not renumber
all of their months, cut the previous year off after only half a year or so,
and and make the day of Messiah's birth the new newyears day.

As a result the BoM information tells us NOTHING about what time of year
Messiah was born.

Mirl also says:

>Other Restoration scriptures also bear out the date of April 6.

The same D&C passage you mention, if taken that way, would also "prove" that
Messiah was born in 1 BCE three years after Herod had died!?!?!?!?

Obviouly therefore it does not mean that Messiah was born on April 6th or in
1 BCE.



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