Michael Detwiler want blood

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 16:52:33 +0000
From: mijoy@att.net (Michael Detwiler)
To: purnhrt <purnhrt@flash.net>

Kathryn, this is getting ridiculuous.  I have tried to
facilitate this, but it seems you want blood.  James
will compose another apology that seems appropriate, and
if you don't accept it then you must do what you believe
you are "led" to do.  Your name has never even been
mentioned to the Colorado group, this is paranoia.  As a
matter of fact, I am the head of the Beit Din, am on all
forum lists, and I have never heard of you until a few
weeks ago when the [H] affair became an offense to
you . . . obviously, you name wasn't drug through much
mud, as, again, I have never heard of you or this

I beleive that you are being agitated by the [H's]
offense you have picked up.  I want you to know that you
are not dealing with immature and childish leaders when
you are dealing with the Beit Din of the SANJ (no matter
what you have been told by others).  You are dealing
with learned men who have "been there done that", who
have studied, who continue to study and seek truth, who
lead groups of people into righteousness, who have paid
the price of leadership.

We as a group are not going to bend our knee to
blackmail, threats, and baseless hatred and a "get even"

Again, James will offer an apology that seems
appropriate to the Beit Din and to yourself, and then we
intend to drop the issue.