My reply no blood

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:46:29 -0500
From:purnhrt <>
To: Michael Detwiler <>
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Shalom b'YHWH
Michael, I am not in the least out for blood, that is laughable. If I were out for
blood, I would have had it way before this and had it to such a degree that there
would be nothing left to pick up. That is not the type of person that I am. I have
asked for what is due. I am due a complete apology and a total retraction of all lies
and slander spoken against me, not a statement that reinforces the lie that I am
anti-semitic. Had the lies and slander, that were spoken against me, been against you,
you would certainly not accept such an apology.

I never said that my name was spoken at the Colorado forum. But after I made the first
couple mailings, that forum was changed so that no one from the outside could view it
or the members. And James is a member of that forum. WHere James goes, his lies
generally follow. That is not paranoia, but rather experience with him in these
matters. He went to Messianic Friends, which he was a member of and continued to lie
there. Now that is not his forum, so why go there and lie? And that is a fact, not
supposition or speculation. It is also a fact that he made the phone calls I
mentioned. That is also not paranoia. It is not paranoia when people send me e-mails
and forwards of what he has said and where, it is fact. Do not even try to dismiss my
statements as some kind of mental health disorder or mental anxiety or some
personality disorder. I suggest that you take me seriously and not try to cast
dispersions against me that will only come back and bite you in the butt later.

When I first got that false apology, I speculated that you guys were trying to set me
up to look vindictive. By sending out an apology that I objected to, you knew that I
would object. At which point you would then say that I was being vindictive and out
for blood. I spoke this to several others, that this is what I perceived to be the
agenda here. I have speculated correctly.

I am not in the least being agitated by the [H's] . It would make you feel better to
believe so, I think. To realize and admit, which I stated to you before, that I did
not do any of this at the prodding, asking for help or suggestions of the [H's] ,
means that I truly did do all this for the sake of truth and righteousness. Do you not
think that a person cannot see a situation and realize that injustices were done? Do
you think that YHWH will allow untruth to go unrevealed if it is not repented for? Do
you truly think that all this has to do with the [H's]? It does not. It is a matter
of righteousness. THe [H's] were not involved last year when James called me an
anti-semite. Your rationale is faulty and is easily proved incorrect.

When James started slandering last year, I stood in the breach. THat is my nature. I
investigate accusations that people make. I dont take their word for it. If a wrong
has been committed, then it needs to be corrected, according to Thorah. Whether the
information came to me through the wronged person or the one doing the wrong.

I dont care how learned a man claims to be. What is being dealt with here are matters
of righteousness and they dont teach that in books or give doctorates for that. There
is only one Book that teaches that. Y'alls education is immaterial in this matter.
James Trimms educational claims, are a different matter, since he used it as proof of
why he was at these forums, under other names, posting what he was about the BoM. His
doctorate is false and that is why he will not list the city and address to anyone who
writes, requesting the information. That is why all these groups he had been
associated with dont know either.

I am not blackmailing, making threats, have baseless hatred (or any hatred for that
matter), or a "get even" attitude. If these are your accusations of me, then you dont
know me and you certainly did not get that from our correspondence and should
apologize for such statements. All I have ever asked for is a complete apology and a
total retraction of the lies spoken against me. That an apology was due the [H's]
and a dismissal of the unsubstantiated ruling against the [H's], by the Beit Din.
Which you and James brought to my attention. THis situation has not been made right
either, and needs to. Shalom, Kathryn

Ps, what are the qualifications for being a voting Beit Din member?