Michael Detwiler's response to false apology

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 10:07:50 -0600
From: Michael Detwiler <mijoy@worldnet.att.net>
To: purnhrt <purnhrt@flash.net>
CC: jstrimm@home.com, reb@teshuvah.com, esandquist@nazarene.net
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My comments inserted:

>Shalom b'YHWH
>James Trimm, do you take me for a fool that cannot read? I can see quite
>that this is just like the apology to Pete Vacca. You are not apologizing for
>calling me a hardcore anti-semite and that the the statement is not true.
>What you
>have done, in wording this very carefully, is to apologize for calling me a
>hardcore anti-semite, for out of anger committing lashon hara. THere is a
>difference due to your teachings about lashon hara.
>In your first post to your forum, on lashon hara, you wrote, " Many people make
>the mistake of thinking that the prohibition of lashon hara - negative
>speech - is
>limited only to saying falsity and untruth.
>But this is not so. Lying falls under a separate prohibition, expressed in
>20:13, 23:7.   Lashon hara is the prohibition against saying anything
>negative or
>derogatory about another person - even when it's true! Often, lashon hara will
>couch itself in a cloak of rationalizations.
>It doesn't even matter whether the words are spoken implicitly  or implied.
>If the
>message can be construed negatively, then it is a violation of lashon hara.  Be
>aware of potential lashon hara situations and stop them before they start."
>You make yourself quite clear that the lashon hara can be true, but that to
>that truth negatively or in a derogatory manner, is lashon hara. You stated you
>did this in anger and ask for forgiveness for the lashon hara. You didnt state
>that it was not true.

Kathryn.  James apologized to you.  He has no hidden meaning or inferences.

>I am not, nor have I ever been an anti-semite of ANY degree. Your statement was
>not only lashon hara, it was an outright lie. You are guilty of lashon hara, of
>lying and slandering. And not just on that one point, but on all the others
>that I
>sent to Michael Detwiler, when he requested the information. And not only
>me, but against the H's as well.
The Beit Din will not debate the [H's] issue with you.  You are a third party, not directly involved,

you have taken up the offense of others, and you do not know the entire situation.  The decision has been

made regarding the [H's].  You cannot affect a reversal of that decision.

>I told you before what my demands were and I will tell you again; I want a full
>apology and complete retraction of ALL the lies and slander spoken against me,
>posted to the forum and to all your lists. I want an apology, due the
>[H's] and
>a dropping of the unjust ruling against them, made by the Beit Din. You do not
>seem to understand the seriousness of this situation.
You will never receive this, as it doesn't involve you.  I suggest that you drop this issue.  The lashon hara

thing is another matter.

Shalom (from my end)