My Reply to absurd Suggestion

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 10:12:01 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
To:  Michael Detwiler <>
CC: James Trimm <>,,,,,,,
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Shalom b' YHWH
Michael, at no point has James tried to make this right. He has sought, at every
opportunity to lie about me and discredit me. He not only wrote these lies and sent
them to his lists, but has posted them on other forums, such as the Messianic
Friends, which of course is moderated by the so polite Adam Bernay. He has gone out
of his way to call Perry Vasquez on the phone and tell him that I was an
anti-semite and such. He called Greg Gnauman on the phone and told him that as
well. He has even called [Mrs. H.] and said the same, only [Mrs. H.] had seen the
EliYah posts and knew it was not so. I had to call Perry and clear my name. Greg
also went to EliYah's and saw that I did not say the anti-semitic things that James
accused me of. But that's just three people I know that he spoken that to on the
phone. What about all the other calls he receives, what about other forums I am not
aware of like the Colorado leaders, moderated by Daniel Segard. What has he told
the people there? How far have his lies gone?

To apologize for lashon hara, believing the statement to be true, is not an
apology. You wrote and said the Beit Din told him to apologize and make this right.
I told them, you and James what was required for that. I even warned James that I
was not going to accept one of his Pete Vacca apologies saying "if" or

Why on earth should I have to compose his apology and retraction? Can he not be
truthful? Does he not know how to be honest and repent? Is he not capable with all
his "scholastic studies", his "doctorate", or his "linguistic" abilities to find
the words to admit he lied, about all he said of me? I knew how to do that as a
child. Humbling though it was, I had the courage to walk up to my Dad, knowing that
it would disappoint and hurt him, and tell him that I had lied. I didnt blame
anyone else. I didnt whitewash it. I just came out and told him the truth and that
I had lied to him and seek his forgiveness. If I can do that as a child, certainly
James is capable of that as an adult, if he truly is repentent. That I think is the
key element here. It is absurd for you to suggest I write the apology and
retraction, that is due me, for you to look over and then post.

Where is his righteousness? Chananyah and Shafiyrah did not have the chances to
tell the truth that James has had. And they just lied about the price of some land
they sold. James has lied and slandered me, knowingly and repeatedly. As I told
you, James and the Beit Din, there can be no shalom without that full apology and
the retractions. He is the one who lied and slandered, he should be the one to
compose the apology and retraction. Shalom, Kathryn