My response to false apology to James Trimm

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 10:45:21 -0500
From:  purnhrt <>
To: James Trimm <>
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Shalom b'YHWH
James Trimm, do you take me for a fool that cannot read? I can see quite clearly
that this is just like the apology to Pete Vacca. You are not apologizing for
calling me a hardcore anti-semite and that the the statement is not true. What you
have done, in wording this very carefully, is to apologize for calling me a
hardcore anti-semite, for out of anger committing lashon hara. THere is a
difference due to your teachings about lashon hara.

In your first post to your forum, on lashon hara, you wrote, " Many people make
the mistake of thinking that the prohibition of lashon hara - negative speech - is
limited only to saying falsity and untruth.
But this is not so. Lying falls under a separate prohibition, expressed in Exodus
20:13, 23:7.   Lashon hara is the prohibition against saying anything negative or
derogatory about another person - even when it's true! Often, lashon hara will
couch itself in a cloak of rationalizations.
It doesn't even matter whether the words are spoken implicitly  or implied. If the
message can be construed negatively, then it is a violation of lashon hara.  Be
aware of potential lashon hara situations and stop them before they start."

You make yourself quite clear that the lashon hara can be true, but that to speak
that truth negatively or in a derogatory manner, is lashon hara. You stated you
did this in anger and ask for forgiveness for the lashon hara. You didnt state
that it was not true.

I am not, nor have I ever been an anti-semite of ANY degree. Your statement was
not only lashon hara, it was an outright lie. You are guilty of lashon hara, of
lying and slandering. And not just on that one point, but on all the others that I
sent to Michael Detwiler, when he requested the information. And not only against
me, but against the [H's] as well.

I told you before what my demands were and I will tell you again; I want a full
apology and complete retraction of ALL the lies and slander spoken against me,
posted to the forum and to all your lists. I want an apology, due the H's and
a dropping of the unjust ruling against them, made by the Beit Din. You do not
seem to understand the seriousness of this situation.

"Why has this people of Yerushalayim turned away, a perpetual
backsliding? They have held fast to deceit; they refuse to turn
and return. I listened, and heard; they do not speak right; no man has repented of
his evil, saying, 'What have I done?'  Every one turned to his own courses, as a
horse rushes into battle."

 "And they mended the break of the daughter of My people slightly,
saying, 'shalom, shalom!' and there is no shalom."

THere can be no shalom without the apologies and retractions and the dropping of
the Beit Din ruling. Shalom, Kathryn