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This is a Mormon site that James Trimm posted under as James Trimm, Rabbi Yosef, and Yosef Liahona. These particular posts are those of Rabbi Yosef.

 Post 2303
Growing together of the Bible and the BoM

 Post 2184
Hebrew BoM

 Post 2172
Checking into getting expired copyright version and adding Hebraisms

 Post 2162
Sample translation

 Post 2384
Setting up a new Jewishness of the BoM site, when the first came down

 Post 2154
Changing Gentile terms in BoM, to Jewish ones,  so that the Jews will not be offended

 Post 1280
Set up a non-profit corporation for several purposes, one of which was, " The organization could publish the Jewish Book of Mormon that I have been working on.  (A Messianic Jewish Edition of the Book of Mormon) "

 Post 2275
"Bom authentic"

 Post 2147
Jewish BoM replacing Christian theological terms

 Post 2116
Jewish BoM almost done. How many would buy copies?

 Post 2109
looking for a name for the Book of Mormon Hebraic Roots ministry he spoke of

 Post 2088
Restoration Hebrew Roots Bibliography he provided to validate BoM

 Post 2083
Restoration ministry that would involve the BoM

 Post 2079
Restoration Hebraic Roots ministry-A support organization for Jewish Bom beleivers

 Post 1279
Jewishbom website

This is a post to the nazarene forum, when Errol Feldman went to the Jewish BoM website, that Mrs. H gave the link for. Errol Feldman, copied and pasted Rabbi Yosef quotes from that site.

 Post 23219 Rabbi Yosef quotes