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From "Yosef benYehudah" <rabbiyosef@h...> Fri Oct  1 15:02:59 1999
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Restoration Friends

I first posted something like this (on another list) back in April and 
unfortunately I never followed through with it.  I just got to busy. But 
here goes again:

I think there is a need for a non-denominatational Restoration Hebraic Roots 

Perhaps I am thinking to big but I would like to see a non-profit
corporation set up that would be non-denominational but Restoration in
its nature and would have the following purposes:

1.  To teach the scriptures in light of "the manner of the things of
the Jews" (2Ne. 25:5) i.e. so called "Hebraic Roots".
This would involve things like insights on NT and BoM statements and
events in light of their Hebraic roots.  The prophetic meanings of the 
feasts of Israel in terms of the Restoration etc.

2.  "The convincing of the Jew and the Gentile [through the Book of
Mormon and other Scriptures] that Yeshua is the Messiah"  (Quoted from
the Title Page which was actually part of the gold plates).

3.  To teach and promote the concept of the two houses of Israel.

4.  A support organization for Jewish Bom beleivers.

Such an organization would require at least three persons who would
serve as the board of directors.  Please e-mail me privately if you
would like to serve in that way.

This organization could help in the following ways:

	1.  The website could get its own domain name and be supported
	by non-profit freewill offerings.

	2. The organization could publish the Jewish Book of Mormon
	that I have been working on.  (A Messianic Jewish Edition of
	the Book of Mormon)

	3.  The Organization could publish and distribute other books
	and perhaps tapes by myself and others related to the
	organizations purpose.

	4.  The organization could publish a newsletter related to its

Please share your thoughts.  Is this a good idea?  Are there people
out there who would support such an organization?  Please listmembers
give me your feedback.

Rabbi Yosef

* The Jews do understand the things of the prophets,*
* and there is none other people that understand the*
* things which were spoken unto the Jews like unto  *
* them, save it be that they are taught after the   *
* manner of the things of the Jews. (2Ne. 25:5b)    *

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