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From "Yosef benYehudah" <rabbiyosef@h...> Thu Oct  7 15:13:14 1999
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Subject: [chofjclist] What is Jewish Book of Mormon?
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For those who asked:

The Jewish New Testament is a Messianic Jewish edition of the New Testatment 
produced by David Stern.  It is described as "A translation of the New 
Testament that expresses its Jewishness."

Its primary feature is that it is written in "Jewish English".  Proper nouns 
appear in their Hebraic forms.  Some examples below:

Jesus > Yeshua

John > Yochanan

James > Ya'akov

Moses > Moshe

Also certain gentile Christian theological terms are replaced with terms 
that are either Jewish or neutral.  Some examples below:

Church > Assembly

Apostle > Emissary

Disciple > Talmid

Baptism > immersion

Christ > Messiah

Holy Ghost/Spirit > Ruach HaKodesh

Also quotes from the TANAK are boldfaced and footnoted.

Now the Jewish Book of Mormon will do these same things with the Book of 
Mormon (the base text I am using is the 1830 edition).  I have also revised 
the text to modern english as well.

I have also added subheadings to certain sections which bring out the 
Jewishness of the Book.  For example:

	1Ne. 1:4-15 is subtitled "Lechi's Ma'aseh Merkavah Vision"

	Moshiach 1:18F is subtitled "BenYamin's Sukkot Drash"


Also other slight revisions will occur.  "Tent" and "tents" in Moshiach 2 
will appear as "Sukkah" and "Sukkot" for example.  Trump/Trumpet will appear 
as "shofar" etc.

There will also be many footnotes to the text which will bring out its 
For example Moshiach 1-6 will have many footnotes showing parallels to the 
Fall feasts, esp. Sukkot.  Other foonotes will point out apparant fasting 
for Yom Kuppur, Jewish mourning practices, tie-ins with Ancient Jewish 
literature, the division of the Brass plates into three sections 
coresponding with the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings etc.  (That is 
just a small sample of the footnotes that will be in the edition.

There will also be an introduction which will present the origin of the Book 
of Mormon and how that origin ties in as part of the prohetic fulfilment of 
the typology of RoshHashanna and Yom Kippur.  The introduction will also 
demonstrate how the Book of Mormon fulfils prophecies from the Tanak (for 
example the two sticks).

There will also be a testimony of three witnesses and of eight witnesses.  
At the top of this page will be the Law of witneese from the Torah in Hebrew 
and in English:

"...on the testimony of of two or three witnesses shall a matter be 
established" (Dt. 19:15b)

Finally there will be a selection of Jewish oriented readings in the front.

This is a brief description of the book for those who have asked

Rabbi Yosef

* The Jews do understand the things of the prophets,*
* and there is none other people that understand the*
* things which were spoken unto the Jews like unto  *
* them, save it be that they are taught after the   *
* manner of the things of the Jews. (2Ne. 25:5b)    *

Jewishness of the Book of Mormon Website:
Listservers: Jewishness of the Book of Mormon;
Mormon Kabbalah & Book of Mormon Linguistics.
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