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From "Yosef benYehudah" <rabbiyosef@h...> Sat Oct  9 02:31:02 1999
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From: "Yosef benYehudah" <rabbiyosef@h...>
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 02:34:10 PDT
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Someone recently asked what editiond of the Book of Mormon in Hebrew
have been published by whom and where are they available?
1981  Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ LDS

Although this was an edition of "Selections" it included most of the
text of the Book of Mormon.  It was an abriged edition.  When the LDS
Church signed the agreement tot to poselytize in Israel this Hebrew
edition was pulled from publications for fear that it would be used by
zealous LDS members to prosoleytize Jews in Israel.  It would seem that
known editions were also rounded up.  Copies of this book are very rare
now.  I have heard of a used copy on sale for $500!!!!
1988  Hebrew Translations Inc. USA  (Printed in Israel)
PO Box 2253
Independence, MO 64055

This translation was put together privately by a group of RLDS members
(and is divided into RLDS Chapters and verses).  While it has its faults
, it is the only readily available edition.

Problems with the CHRONICLES OF THE NEPHITES edition:

* Testimony of three and twelve witnesses is omitted.

* Headings in italics (such as the one at the beginning of 1Nephi) are 

*  Quotes from the Tanak (such as Isaiah sections) are quoted verbatum
from the Masoretic Text even when the Brass plates text differsfrom the 
Masoretic text.

* "Christ" is "translated" "christos" no MASHIACH.

* "desolation" in "Land of Desolation" is transliterated into Hebrew letters 
rather than translated.  Also "bountiful" in "Land Bountiful" (both of them) 
is transliterated into Hebrew letters rather than translated.  This makes it 
appear that Lechi and the Nephites were speaking English and actually used 
these English words.

* Proper nouns are transliterated very poorly.  Even many that are clearly 
originally Hebrew.  ALMA is spelled with an ALEF (should be an AYIN).  ALMA 
with an ALEF means "young lady" but ALMA with an AYIN is a real Aramaic name 
meaning "world" or "age" which has turned up in the Bar Kokhba letters.  
Sariah (obviously Sar-Yah) is transliterated with a SAMEK when using a 
SIN/SHIN would make it Sar-Yah (Yah is prince).  Lots of proper nouns have 
SAMEKS and TETS as oposed to SHINS and TAVS.  Also lots ov ALEFS for "A"s.  
All of this pointing to transliteration from another language

* The Hebraism "and it came to pass" is omitted in every place.


*  Has the testimony of the twelve and three.

* Includes headings  in italics (such as the one at the beginning of 1Nephi)

* In at least some places (I have not checked them all) the Brass plates 
quotes of Isaiah differ from the Masoretic text where they should.

*  "Christ" is translated MASHIACH not CHRISTOS (this is good)

* "Desolation" and "Bountiful" when used as proper nouns are translated not 
transliterated (this is good).

* Generally names are transliterated well.

* The Hebraism "and it came to pass" is still omitted in every place.

The biggest problem I am aware of is:

	1.  It is incomplete.

	2.  It is VERY hard to get.


Now obviously the LDS version (which may have its own problems) is at least 
on the surface, better than the "RLDS" (was not really put out by RLDS 
themselves) version.

However the LDS edition is incomplete and out of print.
There is virtually no chance (because of the agreement not to prosolytize in 
Israel) that it will be reprinted, much less completed.  For the same 
reasons it is very unlikey that one could obtain rights to it.

This leaves two options:

	1. Modify the "RLDS" text (I believe the copyright
	holders would permit this) to overcome its difficulties.

	2.  Start from scratch.

I will check into obtaining rights to do number one.

Rabbi Yosef

* The Jews do understand the things of the prophets,*
* and there is none other people that understand the*
* things which were spoken unto the Jews like unto  *
* them, save it be that they are taught after the   *
* manner of the things of the Jews. (2Ne. 25:5b)    *

Jewishness of the Book of Mormon Website:
Listservers: Jewishness of the Book of Mormon;
Mormon Kabbalah & Book of Mormon Linguistics.
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