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From:  "Errol Feldman" <boaz@w...>
Date:  Wed Oct 27, 1999  3:11 pm
Subject:  Re: [nazarene] WHOAAA! TAKE A DEEP BREATH....

Good Grief Charlie Brown,
You are serious!??! - I can not believe that you could possibly take anyone seriously who first of all admits that he is NOT a Rabbi but only has a degree in Rabbinic Studies from somewhere mysterious: "The title "Rabbi" is accurate as Yosef has a PhD in Rabbinical Studies", but does not tell us from WHERE? The very least that we need to ascertain his credibility is the University name....Yeshivot do NOT grant such degrees. What are Rabbinical Studies???
And second of all he claims that: "My reasons for remaining anonymous are obvious. These conclusions, if attached to me, would ruin me as a reliable Jewish scholar. The website allows me an outlet to publish my conclusions, without ruining my reputation. Rabbi Yosef"
A bona fide Scholar would NOT be ashamed of his findings nor be a hypocrite and try to have it both ways. IF he sincerely believes: "I continue to practice Judaism in light of the New Testament and the Book of Mormon, and interpret both as Jewish books." Then why be afraid to come out and say so. Perhaps if he is such a great Jewish Scholar he would then be able to show the rest of us Jews the "light".
All quotations are taken directly from his website.
He can not possibly be a Nazarene Jew as he himself says:"I continue to practice Judaism in light of the New Testament and the Book of Mormon, and interpret both as Jewish books."
HOW do you interpret this to mean that he is a Nazarene Rabbi, when you have just condemned Mormonism as being a cult, and he very clearly states that he practices as a Mormon.
> Here is a site where you can
> ask your questions to a rabbi who is a Nazarene Jew, who is anonymously
> researching the authenticity of the Book of Mormon as a Jewish book:
> Shalom,
> Sandra
> wrote:
>  > Dear Brother Raphael,
>  >
>  > I couldn't agree with you more about Masonry and Mormonism.  Your opinion
> is
>  > valuable to me and I appreciate it.  You are right, Mormonism is filled
> with
>  > satanic rituals which do not line up with torah or tanack.
>  >
>  > Many do not realize however, that the Book of Mormon does not teach another
>  > gospel.  It teaches torah and it is being studied quietly by the scattered
>  > remnant of Israel as a possible record of the seed of Joseph (as they do
> not
>  > desire persecution from those who don't understand).  It speaks of
> believers
>  > who hold to torah in keeping sabbath and looking forward to Messiah.  None
> of
>  > the apostate Mormonism (religion) beliefs or doctrines are located in the
>  > Book of Mormon.  In fact, the LDS of today, don't even understand that the
>  > Book of Mormon has warned them to stay away from the harlot church and to
>  > keep the law of Moses.  But they are easily deceived, as Ephraim is
> (Hosea).
>  >
>  > The Nazarenes that are researching these writings (plates found
> underground)
>  > are looking at the Jewishness of the book (finding underlying Hebrew and
>  > Aramaic grammar).  With the archaeology being found in North America, it is
>  > possible that Joseph was here and that this is revelation for the body of
>  > Yahshua in the last days and although it is a highly controvertial, I
> believe
>  > it is relevant to this forum as those written about in the Book of Mormon
>  > followed Nazarene Judaism and this perhaps has to do with the reuniting of
>  > the one house of Israel.
>  >
>  > Here is their website:
>  >
>  > Shalom,
>  > Sandra
>   >>
> This list provided by SANJ sponsors:
> SANJ is a non-profit organization
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