My Reply to James Trimms offer of dialogue

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 15:55:07 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
To: James Trimm <>

Shalom b'YHWH
James, I would like an apology that is honest and meets my criteria as well,
because that is what is due me.

As to dialogue, I am open, but I will tell you that I do not trust you right up
front. My experience with you does not lend to trust, nor does it with the Beit
Din members.

James, I did not misunderstand your article on the Secret of Intercalation of
the Hebrew Calendar. YOu clearly said that Mosheh received two Torahs
[Thoroth]. One was wrotten and one was oral. That the oral one was a companion
to the written and you could not follow the written without the oral. There is
no misunderstanding that. If you view has changed, fine. I am not here to
debate Talmud equaling Thorah. I can do that at another time if you wish.

Neither am I opposed to non-biblical Jewish tradition blanketly. I object to
that which is in contradiction to THorah. Now if someone wants to wear a
kippah, that is their personal choice, but the minute that they say that it is
required in Thorah, that I object to. If someone chooses to not eat meat and
milk in the same meal, again, a personal choice, but if they reuire others to
do the same, saying that it is Thorah, I object. I made myself very clear at
EliYahs that I object to Rabbinic Judaism that contradicts Thorah. That does
not make me anti-semite. The Qaraiym do not accept Talmud and have a mass
library of writings showing the contradictions against Thorah. Are you going to
tell me that they, who are Yahudiym are anti-semitic? I clarified myself time
and time again. I asked you numerous questions so that your position would be
clarified, instead of answering me, you put out an e-mail to your lists stating
that the anti-semitic Yahwists at EliYah's forum were giving you a hard time,
if anyone would care to help. That is even at your nazarene list archive. I
made myself quite clear to you again that I was not anti-semitic. The
misunderstanding that occured were wholly on your part. Everyone that has gone
to that site or checked the threads I copied to mine, has written back and
declared that I was not anti-semitic and that I did not say the things you
accuse me of, including saying that I backed Dan Chaputs book. I have never
done that and told you then that I did not back it and felt it should have been
worded better. How is it that they can all see that and you cant?

I want shalom and I have been trying every avenue possible in order to get it.
If you are truly being genuine in this, it is not a difficult thing to write an
apology for all the lies and slander you spoke against me and make the
retractions at your forum and everyone that you sent it to. If, on the other
hand, this is not genuine and there is another motive, then that will only make
matters worse. I have also mentioned from the very first post that I made, that
an apology was due the H's for the slander saying that they slandered and
lied about this matter. That also needs to be made right.  And the Beit Din
ruling against them dropped. I hope that you act righteously in this matter.
Shalom, Kathryn