James Trimm reply to my ending dialogue

Subject: Re: My statements
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 01:59:24 -0500 (CDT)
From: James Trimm <jstrimm@home.com>
To: purnhrt <purnhrt@flash.net>

>As I showed in my e-mail to you,
>I stated then and I reaffirm it now,
>I did not support Dans book.

I saw your efforts as support but thats just my opinion.

>I merely typed out the chapter

No you did much more than that.
Several of your posts were not merely
the chapter typed out.

>for people to see for themselves
>and to see that had, on a number of occasions
>misquoted him and selectively chose passages
>to make it say something other than what it said.

Not once did I misquote him.  Show one place where
I misquoted him.  Show me one quotation which does
not appear in the book.

>Since you are convinced of your own theory.
>I leave you to it.

OK so you admit that I actually believe Dan's book is anti-semitic and that
I actually believe that your desire to see it better worded implies to me
an agreement with the anti-semitic ideas in the book.  This leaves the
matter as Lashon Hara.  I did not lie.
I firmly believed what I said.

Nonetheless I am very repentant for having committed Lashon Hara in saying it.

>I can see that you have no intention of repenting,
>apologizing and issuing a retraction.

Well I have already repented of Lashon Hara and apologized for Lashon Hara.
However as it stands I am as you yourself said "convinced" of my theory
any retraction would itself be a lie.  I cannot say "she is not" or "I do
not believe she is"
nor can I state that I lied when I said it.  I certainly am not obligated
that you are not an anti-semite when the evidence as I understand it points me
in that direction.  However I am very repentant for having said it publicly.

>I am once again taking this to the Beyth.
>My words, statements and beliefs stand on their own
>and they will be my defense, as they have been.
>I will not discuss this any further with you.
>You are insisting that I am an anti-semite

No I am insisting that I believe based on the information I have that you
are one.
However I cannot see into your heart.  But I also cannot say that I believe
that you are not.

>because I got in your way. You do not truly seek shalom,
>but slander. Kathryn

This Anti-Semite thing goes back about a year.  How can you think that I
pulled it out of a hat and made it up because you "got in my way" when you
admit that I am "convinced" of it, have chosen of your own freewill to
"leave me to it", and know that it first came up about a year ago.  Its not
like I just recently came up with it.


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