My reply to Trimms article

Subject: Re: Anti-Semitic? Part 1
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 17:37:42 -0500
From: purnhrt <>
To: James Trimm <>
References: 1

Shalom b'YHWH
James, I read your post the first time. I am not debating Dan's book or your
understanding is the subject or whether or not he wrote something correctly or if
you did. I told you that all my comments were at the site and EliYahs that show
that I never advocated his book, that I never said the Jews were the unredeemed
seed of Satan as you lied and said I did, etc. I never posted anything
anti-semitic. This dialogue is about what you said, lying about me. I listed all
your lies, taken from your own e-mail. Now find where in all those posts, I said
what you claimed I said. You cant, because they are not there. YOu cannot bring
Dans book into this and cloud the issue. I told you then and I am telling you now,
I do not advocate it then and I dont advocate it now. I still have not read the
rest of the book. I still feel that if the subject of Talmud contradictions is to
be addressed, I have far better passages, not just one verse here or there that
better point out the contradictions. I still stand by my statements. I stated that
you should have gone to them first to talk with them before you started your smear
campaign. I stated that I did check with them. I stated that reading the whole
context of the chapter and the paper, that you could see what they were saying,
which was different than what you stated. I stated that I called them and asked
them questions. I stated that I disagreed with your taking verses out of context. I
could go on and on of what I did say, but you cant prove, from those posts, that I
said what you lied and accused me of saying. That is the issue. Not Dan Chaputs
book. If you have a problem with his book, then deal with him. I am not the one to
debate his book to. Shalom, Kathryn