My letter to the Beit Din status

Subject: [Fwd: my statements]
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 01:24:10 -0500
From: purnhrt <>

Shalom b'YHWH
Beit Din Members and Friends of the Court. Michael Detwiler wrote me and
said that the Beit Din told James to apologize and make it right. James
wrote, "I would like to write an apology that would be honest and yet
meet your criteria.

To this end I would like to open a private dialogue with you.

The object would be to politely and kindly explain to you what led me to
that conclusion and seek help from you in understanding those things
which led me to that conclusion in some other way."

So I agreed, not feeling much hope and not trusting him, but giving this
a chance that James might in deed behave uprightly in this matter and
apologize and make the retractions. He first sends me a post he made
about Dan Chaputs book, Christianity Unmasqued.

"James, I read your post the first time. I am not debating Dan's book or
your understanding is the subject or whether or not he wrote something
correctly or if you did. I told you that all my comments were at the
site and EliYahs that show that I never advocated his book, that I never
said the Jews were the unredeemed seed of Satan as you lied and said I
did, etc. I never posted anything anti-semitic. This dialogue is about
what you said, lying about me. I listed all your lies, taken from your
own e-mail. Now find where in all those posts, I said what you claimed I
said. You cant, because they are not there. YOu cannot bring
Dans book into this and cloud the issue. I told you then and I am
telling you now, I do not advocate it then and I dont advocate it now. I
still have not read the rest of the book. I still feel that if the
subject of Talmud contradictions is to be addressed, I have far better
passages, not just one verse here or there that better point out the
contradictions. I still stand by my statements. I stated that you should
have gone to them first to talk with them before you started your smear
campaign. I stated that I did check with them. I stated that reading the
whole context of the chapter and the paper, that you could see what they were
saying, which was different than what you stated. I stated that I called
them and asked them questions. I stated that I disagreed with your
taking verses out of context. I could go on and on of what I did say,
but you cant prove, from those posts, that I said what you lied and
accused me of saying. That is the issue. Not Dan Chaputs book. If you
have a problem with his book, then deal with him. I am not the one to
debate his book to. Shalom, Kathryn"

James then proceeds to chop up and take bits of my comments. So I just
copied the whole posts I made and in blue, wrote my comments. You can
see very clearly that I did not say the things he has lied and said I
did. In reponse to this e-mail, he sends me the same stuff he did the
first time, with my last few sentences where I ask where he finds
justification for his anti-semitic statement.

I replied to him, inbetween his lines, "Posting that I checked into a
situation, that I spoke with the men at length and asked them numerous
questions, does not make me anti-semitic. It makes me responsible. To
prevent inquisitions, witch hunts, concentration camps, McCarthyism.
Some people have a propensity to react, instead of invesitgating. They
accuse instead of trying to clarify, they attack instead of trying to
correct if they see a wrong. I check things out. If you are sayig that
by doing so, that I am anti-semitic, then we can take this debate to the
Assembly and let them judge me in this matter as well. Many of them
already have and said that your statements are groundless. By the way, a
number of them are Jews, real Jews. Not this fake lost tribes or I found
a relative Jews, that cant prove anything. These Jewish people read what
I said and said that I was not anti-semitic. I have even had Rabbis read
it and they agreed. And again, James, they are real Rabbis that earned
their title through legitimate sources. I agreed to a discussion, so you
could see what I said. You are in a loop, implying that I said something
I did not."

"THis is not my belief and it is clear that I am inserting something you
left out. I merely showed that you did not quote all the sources he
mentioned, that you convienently left out the Jewish sources that said
the same thing. This in no way was an acceptanace of the statment. I
dont believe that the Jews control the whole world or even America."

This was in relation to his posting that I had notifed the ISR about
what was going on and asking them to fully investigate this and not take
James Trimms word for this. Dan is still a distributor.
"How is it anti-semitic to let other groups know the whole
  story and to invesigate fully, so that they would not just take your
word for it. Perhaps your problem with me, is not just that I disagreed
with you and stood in your way in a smear campaign, that I called
  you to accountability in your behavior, but that another group checked
into this and didnt see fit to fire Dan, which you wanted. "

"As I showed in my e-mail to you, I stated then and I reaffirm it now, I
did not support Dans book. I merely typed out the chapter for people to
see for themselves and to see that had, on a number of occasions
misquoted him and selectively chose passages to make it say something
other than what it said. Since you are convinced of your own theory. I
leave you to it. I can see that you have no intention of repenting,
apologizing and issuing a retraction. I am once again taking this to the
Beyth. My words, statements and beliefs stand on their own and they will
be my defense, as they have been. I will not discuss this any further
with you. You are insisting that I am an anti-semite because I got in
your way. You do not truly seek shalom,  but slander. Kathryn"

I am letting you know the status of these so called discussions. James
is intent that I am an anti-semite, despite the fact that everyone else
that has read my posts, has taken to time to let me know that I am not,
and this includes Rabbis. In fact I had one ask me yesterday if he could
send an e-mail out to the other rabbis and give them the link to my
site, because he wants them to check into this. I gave my permission. I
am not, nor have I ever been an anti-semite or any kind of racist. James
has lied and slandered horribly and has the gall to write, "It seems
though that we do not agree as to what is a "lie" what is "slander" and
is an opinion that you may not agree with." It is just like dealing with
Clinton saying that he did not have sexual relations with that woman,
Monica Lewinsky. THen says that he doesnt term that sexual relations.
That is BS. If James cant tell a lie from slander from opinion, maybe
the assembly can help him define it. I will not have any further
"discussions" with him. He is not going to apologize and be upright in
this matter, at all. Shalom, Kathryn

YHWH bless you and guard you. YHWH make His face to shine upon you and
show you favor. YHWH lift up His face upon you and give you shalom.