Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky


The purpose of this page is to expose the truth about Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky who is the founder of YATI (Your Arms To Israel), heads the 2 and the creation of the Union of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations. Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky also calls himself Rabbi Moshe Koniuchowsky and Rav Moshe Koniuchowsky. Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky brought up his name issue and even published some sort of copy of a birth certificate issued in 1995, but it has the name Maushe on it, despite the fact that all his legal paperwork has Marshall on it, instead of Maushe or Moshe as he stated. The name issue is addressed below. Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky has followed much the same path as James Trimm, in further establishing his organization and increasing his net presence, as well as allying himself with James Trimm in several ways.



James Trimm published his "translated" Hebrew Roots Version NT, which Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky sold at his YATI website, until he decided to publish his own version, the Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition. Why sell someone elses version when you can make more money publishing your own, with your own emphasis? Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky denied that he had sold Trimm's version, but cached pages of his site proved him to be a liar. Mr. Koniuchowsky increased his unrighteousness by placing his support in defense of James Trimm's lies, deceptions, slander and theft by publically labeling me an Internet Jezebel, calling me a personally assigned demon and a liar.

Misplaced Support of Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky


Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky made the following statement as part of the reason for his public endorsement of James Trimm's deceptions by his Internet Jezebel official statement, "I am even more sensitive to this as some rabbis are the source for the recent rehashing of an 18 year old accusation that Moshe is not Moshe but Marshall." I had never written anything concerning this matter, or investigated any of Koniuchowsky's statements prior to his email and his Internet Jezebel lie. The name change issue was actually addressed by Vicky Dillen of , who saw that the matter was first addressed by the MJAA in an article they had written about the Ephraimite Error, "Primary among the movement's spokespersons are Batya and Angus Wootten and Marshall, a.k.a. Moshe, Koniuchowsky." Marshall / Moshe even went to great lengths in August 2003, posting many documents on the net, to "prove" his position. However, I am not content to just make a statement, nor to have a few net book references that Koniuchowsky can absurdly excuse. I have overwhelming evidence of the truth, contrary to all of Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky's efforts.

Marshall / Moshe Name Change


Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky and JamesTrimm have more than support and style in common. They have each created internet unions and have made a pact between their respective unions, with Trimm as a guest speaker at Koniuchowsky's union conference.

Union Pact


Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky has also adopted Trimm's labeling of Nazarene for his organization, furthering the sectarian lie that Nazarene = the only true believer of the Messiah. In a document for their union name change, it was stated, "removing ourselves from any connection or even perceived connection to messianism (or "orthodox messianics", who are in affect "messianic Jews" who also believe in a Messiah like Schneerson), and its impending judgment, as has been revealed to us." "Nazarene indicates our full love and faithfulness to be talmidim of Yahshua, and the fact that we are not the kind of messianics that deny him in any way, shape, or form. Nazarene is the most biblical term applied to Torah keepers in Yahshua as found in Acts 24:5." Interestingly enough, Acts 24:5 is describing Paul's trial before Felix. Tertullus, the lawyer representing Chananyah [Ananias] the Kohen Gadol [High Priest] and the elders, is the one to make the charge that Paul is the head of the Natsriym [Nazarenes]. At no time does Paul ever say this of himself, nor did any of the students of the Mashiyach and this is the kicker, neither did the Mashiyach. Yet James Trimm, and now Marshall / Moshe Koniuchowsky, have decided just who the true believers are, that they are called Nazarenes and of course, these men and their organizations are the true believing Nazarenes, just because they say so. This move of the Nazarene by these men is anti-Christian, anti-Messianic, unless of course they are needing to use the Church for a building, to gather followers and supporters from their forums and such, as also with the Messianics.

Union Name Change


Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition

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