Koniuchowsky/Trimm Pact



In November 2003, a pact was made between the Union of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations, headed by Moshe Koniuchowsky of YATI and the Union of Nazarene Jewish Synagogues, headed by James Trimm of SANJ. Their announcements are listed below. In the fall, Mr. Koniuchowsky had placed his support of James Trimm's unrighteousness and referred to me as an internet Jezebel. This is quite ironic, seeing that Moshe Koniuchowsky made the following in his Internet Jezebel official statement ( Internet Jezebel ), "I in no way did, or would endorse or be seen as any kind of partner with James due to doctrinal and other differences, BUT I won't stand idly by while others keep rehashing what he allegedly did 5 years ago."

This pact comes as no surprise.


UONYC Statement

UONJS Statement


This conference page shows that James Trimm is listed as a speaker at Koniuchowsky's conference scheduled for July 28 - Aug. 1, 2004.

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